Speakes for SET amp

Just sold my Tannoy speakers and hunting for quality speakers to be matched with my mono block SET amp (211 based). I prefer floor standers with good bass impact, preferably having powered woofers built into it. New OR used up to 8K price range.
Heard some Coincident speakers with an SET 211 setup and really liked them. Bought the amps. The speakers at that time were not available.
I'll second Coincidents - I use Super Eclipse III's which worked great with my 300B SET amps. Their newer speakers are very positively reviewed in the recent TAS (Victory line) are in your price bracket. The woofers are not "powered" though - if you were looking for that you'd have to go the route of a sub. Another really great candidate, although I think they exceed your budget and rarely come up on the used market, are Classic Audio Speakers.. I've never actually heard them paired with SET amps, but the Audiokinesis speaker line are fairly efficient and have sounded outstanding to my ears the two times I've heard them. Contact Duke to see how they may pair with your amps. Another outstanding candidate which I have heard paired with a 211 amp is Daedalus Speakers.
The nice thing about Coincident speakers is that you don't need a powered sub. The bass of my Total Victory IV's is the best I've ever experienced, and I run the 8 watt Coincident Frankensteins!
I'm glad I didn't run into you last year. I listed the speakers, thinking I could have some money to do things with the family; but at the last minute pulled the ad.
Thank Heaven. I would NEVER have been able to get back to that point.
Funny though, I sold off everything but the Coincident monos, speakers and Coincident speaker cables, and now my system is better than ever. I did have to sacrifice my digital front end, but I'm more of a vinyl guy anyway.
As for the family? Well, I'll be around the house a lot, so perhaps we can bond between record sides.
Well it would appear to be a Coincident love fest and you will not get an argument from me. I dumped my Merlin VSM speakers in favour of the Coincidents and it was the single best move that I've done with my system. I use an 845/211 SET.