Full range speakes for VAC 30/30 Renaissance MK III with CAT SL1 Sig Mk III preamp w NOS.

Hi. I’m presently unable to audition speakers at dealers other than trials as I must stay in a remote area. My problem with trials is that I have nothing to compare them to. Hopefully we can narrow the list down with your help. My listening room is lively and measures 18 x 36 yards yet my seats are half way down the rectangle. (On that subject I’ve wonder about moving the listening position to one end of the long wall firing across, or not?). I can also add room treatment. I’m not opposed to buying used unless I should be. I’d like to keep the price below $5K. Preferably $2,500-$3,500. I’m looking for a revealing, full range speaker. Naturally I don’t want want boomy, love air, large soundstage, and fast/ tight if possibly. I wonder if full range will be overwhelming in such a small space, yet I want to hear all of the music? I wish for a speaker that will stand on its own merits and be worthy of building a system around in the future if desired, if that’s possible at this price point. I listen to both TT and digital, mostly four man band. One of the most important attritubes I must avoid is ear fatigue as I am prone to migraine. So mellow yet revealing/ accurate and efficient? Crossover or not? Single point? Your help is very much needed and appreciated. Thank you!
Hi.I’m sorry but how big is your room?18 x36 yards is HUGE.Even 18’x36’ is a BIG room...If the room is small as you say with your amp make an offer of $3000.00 -$3250.00 on the gently used Harbeth M30.1’s for sale here..Trust me,if you have a small room and 30wpc.300B Push Pull it’s a match made in heaven..I drive mine with 40wpc.KT88PP..Check the reviews..They were Stereophile Class A (R.L.F.) & TAS Editors Choice $5000.00 -$10,000.00!!!
Don’t sweat the power,they love current & your amp has plenty as long as you don’t listen at HEAD BANGING levels...I could recommend other that are less expensive but if you can get a pair of M30.1’s for around $3250.00 they are IMO a bargin!If your willing to spend almost your entire budget on speakers(I say YES)the Anniversary M30.2's will last your lifetime without desire to change,no doubt in my mind!
As for acoustic treatment there is cheap that work but look like a recording studio & there is expensive that are freaking beautiful..Make sure to treat first reflection points & check for echo(walk around hands over head clapping,you’ll hear it..Good luck & if you go with the 30.1’s I would love to hear your thoughts after they settle in..
Thanks so much freediver. You aren’t the first to suggest this speaker, so you both have my attention.  I haven’t been able to get my head around 85db efficiency and 50Hz. I did catch the 6 ohm but I don’t have an understanding of how that will affect the above if in fact it does.  Would you please explain why the 30.1 will have enough bass as well as how they are efficient enough for my amplifier?  Will this speaker deliver a full sound with some headroom with the VAC?  I prefer not to get into a sub also. The TAS review spoke highly of the bass but he wasn’t using the equivalent of my amp.  Clearly there’s something I don’t understand.  BTW I like where your head is with your recommendation.  I would definitely love a world class speaker that can be affordable. Thanks.
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You know I have NO idea how they do what they do but I came lastly from Fritz Carbon 7SE that are spec’d at 38hz.& in my room & system the 30.1’s are as full,deep & tight as the Fritz but have an edge in tonal purity & slay the Fritz in low level resolution & detail retrieval..Despite specs, an 8" woofer in this size cab should make decent bass & I have NO desire to muck up mine with any sub!I will also say that in all the years and systems I’ve had,never heard rock/blues/jazz bass with better tonal resolution..I mean in the right recording you can not only hear into the steel string but deeper,down into hearing the sound inside the string bends as the finger slides over the peaks & valleys of the string winding itself!It does however take a superb recording to hear this kind of resolution & detail but if it’s in the mix the Harbeth will let you hear it..
Again how big is your room?My room is 16’x14’ & that is about as big a room as I would use the Harbeth..I don’t know how to explain why 30wpc.is enough power but I am the only guy here that has run Dynaudio’s with 10wpc.Class A..I believe it comes down to listening habits & with mine I have just NEVER had any not enough power issues starting with 10wpc.pure class a tube.....Sure there is a loudness ceiling with low power but if it’s clean at normal levels & if the amp can push current it can move the drivers & make music..Think about this..If you can get the M30.1’s for $3350.00 delivered which I think you can if seller is motivated,there is NO way you get stuck with them if you don't like or lose money reselling them and they won’t last long...Gently used Anniversary 30.2’s have sold recently for $4500.00 delivered which I think is a fantastic bargin..Don’t forget to budget for stands..I use the 24" $200.00 Pangea 4 post filled with spray in foam sound deadener...Puts the tweeter with 1"+- of my ideal listening chair height..Eventually you will want to upgrade speaker cables & I wouldn’t skimp..I’m saving for Nordost Heimdall 2 at about $2000.00 used..
What a stirring review freediver!  They sound amazing!  The  measurements of the listening area within the larger rectangular room is 14.5’ W x 14.5’ to listening position with 22’ more open space behind the listening position.  (I’ll eventually try “twisting “ the listening area ninety degrees sideways at the end of the room.  IDK how that will work out.  Doesn’t sound very symmetrical as one side would be open.)  Please reassure me before I submit a bid that I should  have a decent amount of loudness in case the speakers and song are begging for it, because it sounds like they will be able to make louder levels enjoyable without ear fatigue.  That would be an amp issue though and not the speaker, unless I need a higher efficiency speaker.  Any thoughts on this matter will be greatly appreciated. I do hope someone will address listening levels before I commit.  I’m very grateful for all the help guys. 
All the reassurance I can give you is to say the ONLY way I give up my 30.1’s is to move up to 30.2’s..Everyone hears differently & every room sounds different..As long as you are not trying to rock out in the kitchen 35’ away loudness should not be an issue & if it is maybe you should consider your hearing...Read the reviews & read through threads here..As you said this is a gamble since you can't demo..Your amp is the thing,tough to match,it doesn't like big impedance swings or phase angle's....You might want to research the Verity Audio Finn..There was a pair of demo’s here recently for $3250.00..Don’t know if there around & they would be a good match..I would also stick with the orientation firing down the long axis so you can control the early reflections equally & it should help kill echo or make it easier to kill.
There are some Verity Finns for $3,000 but in white.  91dB.  Which of the two would you choose if you want want I described.  What I really want is what you described.  I wish I knew more but you certainly seem to, so what’s your suggestion please?
Freediver,  I failed to mention that I struggle with avoiding migraines so please keep that in mind, as well as my wanting how you described your 30.1’s with your amp.   Many thanks for your time and thought.
IMO there is very small gamble with the Harbeth..I will also go on record as to say I think that amp & those speakers will make magic..No problem reselling if you don’t like & no loss of investment..I will also say the finish is EXQUISITE,mine are book matched Ebony & the Rosewood is amazing..The Finns might be magic but tough resale...If it were me & with the fact that M30.1’s don’t come up for sale often I would grab them & give a good demo..Another point..I forsee the M30.1 could easily bring full retail price at auction in about 10 years..JMOYMMV.PS:Thinking about your room I would move a little closer,say about 10' with 10' between speakers aimed to meet about 3' behind you...A little dialing in should be all it takes to make them sing..

OP your PM to me was censored by admin..I think it was a question about stands..If you have an average couch chair 24" should do the job..Search Amazon for Monolith 24" Speaker Stand,$80.00,same as I stupidly paid $200.00 for...
In most typical listening situations, I would think that the VAC would work reasonably well with the Harbeth 30.1s.  I hear 30.2s a lot with small tube amps and the combination sounds pretty good.  For less money, I recommend the ProAc D2 (stand mounted speaker) or the Response 2 (tall, floorstanding speaker); I actually prefer these to the Harbeths, though both brands are good.  If you can place speakers reasonably close to the walls, a used pair of Audio Note AN-E, will be in your price range and that is quite a nice sounding speaker.

Near $3,000, you can get Tekton Double Impacts.  I only heard them at a show, but, they sounded very good for the money.  In the same price range, I also liked the Rethm Bhaava, another speaker I've only heard at a show.  These are both quite efficient, so they should really work well with your amp.  The Zu Omen is another possibility--they are very dynamic and exciting, but, for my own taste, a bit too brittle sounding (but, I've mostly heard them with solid state and tubes might do the trick with this speaker).