Spectral and Apogee owners only please with full respect pertaining to this request


I have a pair of Apogee Mini Grands, trying to build a Spectral system around this at a given cost since I do like to combination.

Not interested in trying anything else since I just sold my Ayer Pre and Monoblocks, Hovland Preamp along with the ARC Reference pre and powers and most of my Krell pieces.


I would like to know which configuration would probably work best with my set up in your opinion. Spent much of my $$$ into getting my room beautified and treated acoustically and now this:


Option 1


 1 DMA 100 amplifier  to drive the Stage Full Range

1 DMA 100 to drive the Minigrand Sub


Option 2



1 Spectral DMA 200s to drive the Stage Full Range

1 DMA 100 to drive the Minigrand Sub


Option 3


Using (DMA 100 or 90)

1 Spectral DMA 100 amp to drive the Tweeter / Midrange of the Stage

1 Spectral DMA 100 amp to drive the Bass driver of the Stage

1 Spectral DMA 100 to drive the Minigrand Sub


Mated with Spectral DMC Preamp


I am aware that option 3 will require more $$$ for MIT Cables VS cost for DMA 200s so…………


Note: I live for resolution






Spectral owner for 20 years here. Hope that you find the Spectral gear that you want. I have only heard Apogee speakers back in 1988 or 89. I believe that they were a pair of Scintillas or Divas. Only had an hour with the owner at his house. Forget what electronics he was using, just too long ago. They were amazing !!

Happy Spectral owner, because they could drive any speaker that I threw at them. I used a pair of DMA 90s as bridged 200 watt monos with Thiel 3.5s that was a magical combination, even with the low impedance of the Thiel Speakers.

I think that if you can find the Spectral gear that you want, you will reach a happy outcome. Spectral provides the Hyper Resolution that you seek.

Just for your info, My Spectral System is for sale. Have gone Pass Lab Class A. Maybe you could use some of the Spectral branded or MIT ICs and Speaker cables that I have. Pre is a DMC12 with phono stage and a pair of DMA 360s mk1

Best Wishes on your Journey
as a past owner of stages and having worked ( long ago at both a Spectral and Apogee dealer ) finding many owners of both will be rare as hens teeth....perhaps you already know this....

i would put money into the apogee filters rather than a passive biamp setup...just my buck fifty....

have fun.....
How do I go about doing that Tomic601?
That means bypass the external cross over altogether?

Start with schematic for crossovers, test all the caps, replace those out of spec.
or rebuild crossovers with higher quality parts
I’ve ran the 200s on Dunlavy SC-IVA since 1988 give or take.    I also swap out my odyssey amps  and go back and forth a lot.  In the late 80s I worked in a Hifi shop, mostly what I did was sold Denon and nad and reconed jbl woofers, but we carried the apogee the Dunlavy and spectral lines.       The 200s is amazing but the odyssey has a slight edge on the lowest octave Is what my ears and the last 18 years can hear.      At lower volume on same speakers I prefer 300b set , it really just depends what sound your looking to get and what volume you want to obtain.      In general back then most our high end customers would blind pick the 200 over the 100 if that helps.  I’ve not used the mini grands  , but have used with the diva , scintilla and stages    I’m sure it would drive the mini grands well