Spectron RS Signature speaker cable auditioning

I'm trying to target Spectron Musician III Mk2 owners since this speaker cable is made mainly to be used with this amplifier. It extends the feedback loop out of the amp through the speaker cables and to the speakers, or in my case, to the outboard crossovers.

I'm writing because of the shock that I experienced when I auditioned them. I ordered my own set after only three days of listening, and I think that I just figured out why these speaker cables are so different.

First of all, I have been using the Duelund 2.0 speaker cables for well over two years and I am very pleased with them. I have a 2.0 meter run from the Spectron amp to the crossovers, and I have 1.5 meter runs from the crossovers to the tweeter and woofer in each speaker.

When I replaced the Duelund 2.0 2 meter set with the Spectron RS Signature speaker cables between the amp and crossover, the difference the next morning after everything warmed up and settled in was simply amazing. Besides being a bit more detailed in my already very detailed system and a bit faster, I had so much bass that you'd think that my monitors had magically been tranformed into full range speakers!

The bass was low, it was full, and it was tight. I now had a bass foundation that made the music more realistic. I initially worried that I was going to blow up something, but since I'd spent about $10k on upgrading my monitors and having the outboard crossoves made, I figured that they whould handle everything with no problem.

Here was my source of puzzlement: Why was I now getting this very welcomed powerful bass foundation???

Could it be the fact that the RS Signature's are 7 gauge and my Duelund 2.0's are 16 gauge? I don't think so, after all, I still had the Duelund 2.0's running out of the crossovers and to the woofers. That tells me that the Duelund 2.0's are fully capable of carrying the beefier signal.

I may be completely wrong in my conclusion here, but it seems like it has more to do with the extension of the feedback loop.

I would really encourage anyone who has a Musician III Mk2 to call Simon and request a set to audition. See if these speaker cables do to your system what they did to mine. At the price of $1895.00, the benefit is way beyond anything that I hoped for or imagined possible.

I am running Spectron monoblocks and have the remote senser cables. I have the Signature versions on there way. I hope they are that much better than the regular ones. Are you bi-wiring? I have to bi wire with my Eggleston Savoy speakers. I really would like to fill out the bass. My speakers go down to 16 hz.

No, I'm not biwiring. I have an outboard crossover that I run in to.

Hopefully, like in my system, it will take care of your bass foundation.

You are right we have already talked about biwiring. Hopefully when I get my Signature wires I can find out. I added Elrod power cords all around and a ByBee power conditioner. They have really cleaned up my bass. It is a lot less muddy and better defined. Even with dedicated circuits I did not realize the crap coming in on the power wires.
RS Signature cable is simply SPECTACULAR addition to my Spectron monoblocks running WAT/Puppy 8. First that striked me was its three-dimensionality and instrument separation. I never suspected that my Wilson can throw such huge soundstage. Yes, bass extension and SLAM are superb as well!

Very, very detailed presentation and not clinical but in very musical and involving manner.

They are much better then many $7-$8k speaker cables I owned in my life !

Mike are you biwiring with jumpers? I am looking for someone with biwire jumpers with the remote sense signature cables. I wonder if it would be better to jumper with Aluminata jumpers rather than the same wire as the signatures.
Hello Coxhous: Watt/Puppy are not bi-wireable so I use only one set of RS Signature.

Sorry, I can't help you except to note that Spectron Signature jumpers are very expensive because they use 8 ultra expensive Bochhino spades and/or Bananas

I have settled on JPS Labs Aluminata jumpers. They seem to sound best with what I have heard using the RS Signature speaker cables. I have not heard the RS Signature jumpers as they do not have a demo pair avaiable to test with. I tried the regular Spectron jumpers but I prefer the JPS Labs Aluminata jumpers better. If someone comes up with a better solution let me know.