Spendor. A4 vs A6r vs SP1/2R2

Hi all. 
I'm wondering if anyone has extensive experience with various spendor speakers

I currently have an A4 run with an exposure 3010S2D. 
I love it

tried the D7 and found it way too aggressive on the high notes 
and now I'm looking for another set and wondering if I should try to find another A6R or should I go with the more classic ones such as the SP1/2R2

anyone have any experiences with these ?

No experience with Spendor's A line, but I owned both the S8e and SP1/2Es and were able to compare them side-by-side. I ended up sticking with the SP1/2E at the time. The S8e was a more "modern" sound with better deep bass and it played louder, but I found the SP1/2E more lifelike on voice and unamplified acoustic instruments. You can find a review I posted that compares the two in the speaker review section of Audioasylum's web site. YMMV.