Spendor, PMC, ProAc, ATC- Sonic characteristics and differences?

Hello-I am interested to learn more about four of the UK speaker companies that I have interest in, but have no way of auditioning; Spendor, PMC, ProAc, and ATC.

I've read their web sites and tried to find various posts and reviews about their products, but it seems there are not too many overall descriptions or comparisons of these four companies and their signature sound profiles, and the engineering approaches to their products.

I'm familiar to some degree, and have owned or heard, some of the other British speakers from Bowers & Wilkins, KEF,  Monitor Audio, and Wharfdale, but the four companies above are quite interesting as they all seem to trace some level of their heritage to the BBC. And three of them also appear to have Pro Audio speaker lines. Are their designs similar in nature? Do they all sound somewhat the same? Do they all have similar levels of quality, or does one or the other stand out?

Please share your knowledge about these four speaker companies and your opinion of their sound signatures and product quality.

Thank you


I think you’re going about this backwards.  This would work much better and more efficiently if you’d share what sound/speaker characteristics are most important to you, what the rest of the equipment is in your system and (including what speakers you have now), what improvements you’re looking for over what you have now, and your budget and if you’re looking to buy new or used.  That critical info will give us here a good basis for recommending which brands/models might (or might not) work for you and specifically why that might be.  Personally, I’m not gonna take the time to go over the sound characteristics of all these brands as they’re all different in many different ways, and some can even vary greatly within the brand — Spendor and Wharfedale specifically come to mind in that regard.  Bottom line — the more info you share here the better, more effective, and more appropriate recommendations you’ll get. 

Hello and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I am not posting with the intent to purchase, I am simply interested to learn more about this hobby. I find it interesting there are so many UK speaker companies. I wonder what their distinctions are? Have they shared engineers over the years? Is one company significantly different from another in regards to their sonic approach?

Currently I own Dynaudio, KEF, and Focal speakers in different systems. I love learning about new things in this hobby. I'm just curious if there may be others willing to share.

All the best.

To understand the differences would require testing each model with the Klippel NFS Near Field System to eliminate the room affects. Anything else is just guessing!