Spendor S5e vs. S6e?

I'm wondering if anyone here has heard the Spendor S5e and S6e side-by-side. I'd really like to get a pair of S5e's and match them with the new Spendor sub, but the maple finish is out of stock and will take over two months to arrive in the US. Is the S6e worth serious consideration over the now-famous 2.5 way S5e?

I'm not interested in hearing about alternatives to Spendor - I've heard a lot of speakers and the Spendor sound is what I'm after :)


I read a review in HiFi+ on the S6e a few months ago. For what it's worth to you, the reviewer found it very difficult to place. It needed to be way out into the room.
Are you sure you didn't read the one on the S8e? (The new Hovland pre was on the cover) It mentioned the S6e, but only in a few sentences and not in a very positive light.

Mind you, way out in the room isn't a problem for me. I can easily put them out around 3' before the wife starts complaining.

What HiFi actually prefered the S5e over the S6e by a wide margin and the S5e has received nothing but high praise from pretty much every hifi publications out there, while a couple of reviews from What HiFI and HiFi Choise on the S6e have been indifferent.

I would wait for the S5e.
Hi Fi World stated the S6e was the gem in the "S" series and won their speaker of the year.


It also won some type of top award at Hi Fi News


Having heard both, the S6e justifies the higher price. The S5e was a bit better value but the price has gone up, now the S6e is the best value in the line in my opinion. You should listen to both before you allow reviews to make your decision. They both sound very good.