Spica Angelus-Any comments?

Thinking of buying a pair.Any comments.How do these speakers sound,i listen to classical,female vocals and a bit of pop. Does anyone have the dimensions or better still know where i can see a picture and details on the web??
Rango, i seem to remember they were a tad over 3ft high. If you have never seen them, prepare yourself...just a little on the unconventional side. as far as sound I thought they were pretty much TC-50s with some bass. If the classical you listen to is orchestral vice smaller ensembles, you might not find them to your liking. overall, I liked them, but I understand Spica is out of business....I went down that road with my JSEs...pain in the butt. R, Rich
These are my current speakers. Do a search and you will get some info. They have be compared to vandersteen and thiel. They are almost 4' high 1.5' wide and 1' deep.the shape is : ___ front side \ / |\ / \ || /___\ || good for small-medium rooms quality bass detail highs natural voice great soundstage setup is critical
I seriously auditioned them against the vandersteen 2's about 8 years ago. I had listened to about 10 speakers in the 1-2k range before narrowing it down to these. I chose the vandersteens for their superior base, power handling, and ability to handle cheaper front end components. I felt the angeluses had Incredible soundstage, imaging, and produced very pure vocals. They sounded like an electrostatic. They did however have significant weaknesses. They could not play very loud at all before breaking up, they absolutely needed top end equipment to sound good, they had little base, and ,according to reviews, they needed lots of room to sound good. The salespeople had been driving them with about 15-20k worth of front end equipment. I asked them to hook them up to a ~2k front end (sumiko amp, and adcom preamp). The sound degraded tremendously. The vandersteens were much more forgiving. If you have a good (especially tube) front end and you want beautiful vocals and excellent soundstage then they are a great speaker. I would be careful to verify the drivers are still in good condition. J
Spica interview: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0900/spicafever.htm Did you get your Spica's? What do you think?