Spotted A JVC X1 MK2 Cartridge Seem To Be Well Regarded

Was cruising around the web and was looking for interesting cartridges. Spotted the JVC on and thought I would try to get a bit more info. Seems like these are well thought of and looks like they use a beryllium hollow tube cantilever and line contact stylus. 

Anyone know any more info or history on these? 


Dear  @neonknight  : The JVC is good performer and competitive. I owned and bougth it by less than 250.00.

How do you know that the one you seen comes with the line contact stylus shape?. All the X1 comes with beryllium cantilever and when I bougth the MK2 the stylus shape was in reality Shibata. Latter on I bought the true MK2 JVC line contact stylus replacement that today you just can't find out.

My sample was a JVC because exist almost the same model Victor that in theory is the same company because JVC means Japan Victor Company

You can buy it but today similar cartridges are really good too, an example of that is the Goldring 1042 that comes with the Replicant 100 ( Ortofon top. ) stylus shape ! !

Is up to you.



They are ok - but I would not buy one ( I own one ) since there are no stylus replacements available any more. Unless it is brand new ( unused ) then it is likely to have had stylus wear.

Get a new Grado, Nagaoka or Soundsmith if you want a MM/MI.

The Grado's are best bang for your buck.

The one on '''' is Victor X-1,mk2 NOS. I know because i

listed the cart.

Dear dover, thanks for your  ''suport''. But you can make it up with an full glas

of wine + one with your holy water. 

Dear @nandric  : So, that does not comes with Shibata stylus shape?, if you remember I found out  in Netherlands an original JVC ( not Victor. ) NOS MK2 stylus replacement that you made it the favor to buy for me.


As I said the cartridge is good performer and competitive and my post about the Goldring was mainly because seems to me that the OP is interested in the stylus shape instead the cartridge motor.

It's obvious that it's almost imposible to find out a NOS stylus replacement for that cartridge but according my experiences with vintage MC/MM/MI cartridges several times the retipping makes a true quality improvement in the cartridges with a good cartridge motors as the X1-MK2.



Hi Raul, You are to blame for all my MM carts (+/- 40). Back than I try to buy

each that you recommended. Not for use but not to  stay behind. This

was a kind of luxury Eldorado; expensive hobby for free. We the members

have had what is callled ''inside information''. We were able to sell ''your

carts'' for more than we paid for. My ''problem'' was that I liked MC's  more.

But with few exceptions I was  on my own with those. However I think that I

can compite even with dover with my collection (grin). Magic diamnod, Ikeda

FR-7 fz, Ikeda Rex (cantileverless kiind), Takeda's Miyabi, Benz LP, etc.

It may look curiious to buy carts and not to use them but the most of my

MM's are NOS while each of us knows what those styli are worrth at present. 

With the present inflation it is very useful to have some extra income next

to (never increased) pension. 

Dear @nandric  : You are rigth. I remember that in the began of that extremely long now MM/MI thread some of us bougth good quality performer cartridges for even less than 100.00 and latter on ( 2 years after or even before. ) the same cartridges appeared every where on sale ( not from Agoner sellers ) for 3-5 times the original price posted in that thread and even that many followed buying it. Really good times and more than other issues were ( as always ) learning times and not only in MM/MI but in MC too an other way important issues in the audio analog rig because in those times gentlemans as @jcarr  were really active in the thread sharing a lot of first hand experiences and their knowledge level and skills.

I bougth so many different cartridge models that even in this year I was listening some of them for the very first time in my audio life.

Good luck with your offer.



Dear Raul, thanks for your good wishes as well suport.

I will wait for ''similar'' reaction from dover (grin).