Squeeze box + SC885 vs DAC1 vs Digital Link III

My apologies if this is a duplicate thread or is posted in the incorrect forum. I have seen postings regarding some of these but nothing in relation to the SC885 in comparison.

I purchased a Squeezebox Duet as a low cost method of finding out if I would enjoy listening to music that way. I love it.

I am using the Duet digital out into a SC885 processor. I typically only use the processor to watch movies and I use and Adcom GFP-750 in passive mode for my music seessions. I estimated the SC885 DAC would likely be better than the one included with the Duet.

So now I want a quality upgrade to more closely match the xa9000es I have been using to spin CD's. I have looked at the Logitech Transport, Benchmark DAC1, and the Digital Link III both modified and unmodified. Please post your thoughts in regards to the quality of each or any one of the configurations. Comments regarding potential improvements over the SC885 would also be appriciated. Additional ideas are always welcome of course.

If I was in your position, I would wait for the PS Audio Perfect Wave Dac (PWD). All indicators are that it is truly astonishing for the money ($2,999). Of course, you can pick up a really good deal on a new DL-III now ($699). I can personally attest to the fine performance of a Cullen stage IV DL-III (which I use with my Duet) .
Thanks 2chnlben,
I watched the utube video and read a few of the posts. You may be right. At first I was completely turned off at the 3k price but then it could replace several components. I still have some reservations about so many things in one box. It would esentially require a total repalcement to upgrade or update anything. But it may be the future of things. Additionally it's another just another computer within the DAC box and networking as added as well. Wow, so many things to go awry. LOL