Squeezebox+DAC or Linn DS

I would like to hear some suggestions from the expert streaming community about gear to audition for my main system.

A little background first. I have three squeeze devices in our house and my wife and I like playing music throughout the house synchronized through the devices. I had been using a squeezebox receiver/Bel Canto DAC3 in the main stereo which consists of a Pass XP-10/ XA 30.5 and Legacy Audio Focus SE loudspeakers.

Recently, a buddy of mine updated his Linn based system and long story short, I ended up with his Majik DS. Even though it is a MDS/0 (first generation) I thought, the sound was better than the squeezebox/DAC3 combo in my system. It was more relaxed and natural with improved imaging. However, even after 2 months with the MDS/0 I am not happy with the control software (Kinsky) versus Logitech squeeze remote. There is almost always a delay for the software to find the NAS that contains my large music library and sometimes I can't get it to show up at all. I am using both the existing DLNA/UPnP client on the NAS and Logitech Squeezeserver which can also stream to DLNA devices like the Linn DS. Another frustration has been that there is no good way to synchronize the Linn DS with the other squeeze devices in the house. Squeezy DS (a plugin for Logitech Squeezeserver) causes lots of problems with playback (skipping tracks, lost playlists...)

I have recently demoed an Akurate DS (ADS/1) and really liked it but the software issues remain. So I want to stick with Linn for sound quality but Logitech for ease of use and stability. Before I spend the big $$$ for a Linn ADS I thought it would good to see if anyone had another alternative to a squeezebox:great DAC vs. Linn DS. Anything I need to try out? Do you think it was the squeezebox used as an ethernet to S/PDIF or the Bel Canto DAC3 that was the limiting factor in the previous setup?


How about a Bolder Cable modified Squeezebox into your BC DAC? Also, you could look into getting an upgraded power supply for it also.
I have used various combinations of Logitech Squeezebox and Transporter stand alone and as transports to DACs. I always found the Logitech Transporter to be superior to the Squeezebox, it has a clock input that I feed from a Prism Orpheus dac, and the sq is way better than standalone. The sq is only bested (a little) when streaming directly from pc to dac. I use Duet(s) and stream to three setups in my house, including the home theater, have grown to appreciate Logitech's server software, its stability and ease-of-use, able to synchronize all the music, etc. I recommend trying the Transporter as an alternative, once clock synched it can really work well IMO.
Before you do anything else, I recommend going to the Linn DS forum (http://forums.linn.co.uk/bb/forumdisplay.php?fid=3) and reading up on people's software comments and solutions. It is a very active forum with knowledgeable posters. If you like the Linn DS sound, it's worth spending some time seeing if you can improve the software experience.
@ Prpixel. I was using a Wellbourne linear ps for the Duet receiver.

@ Mateored. I am familiar with the Linn forums and agree that they are quite useful. My main complaint about the Linn DS is the delay in recognizing the UPnP server and connecting to it. Once that happens everything is good. I'll see if I can get some help there.