Squeezebox hard to see?

Anybody have this problem? I'm considering a Touch, but I'm concerned that it will be hard to see the display from my listening chair. The room I'll be using it in is fairly long, maybe 18' - 20'. Has this been an issue for anyone with the Touch or SB3? Also, anybody have comments on the Touch vs. the Duo?
Well my Touch is about 12 feet away from my listening chair and not readable (by me) from there. It's really only an issue when I've got Pandora or Slacker playing and I want to know what's on. Sometimes I can recognize the album art but I do find myself getting up more often to find out and this is probably good for me! It's not really an issue when playing my own stuff as I pretty much know what's on those albums.

You could always get a small pair of binoculars and keep them beside your chair.
I use a Duet to control my MW Transporter. My listening position from the Transporter is ~15'
Can you not change the font size? With the SB and Transporter the font can be made large enough to see from across the room.
I have a SB3 and a Touch. The Touch offers the benefit of showing album art, but is not readable at my listening distance (about 10'). The SB3 lacks the album art, but I can read its scroll from my listening position. I use an Itouch with Ipeng software that allows me to see album art and control either piece from my listening position. I've owned a Duet and both the receiver and the remote were glitchy, so I would recommend the Touch and a third party remote such as the Itouch or those others have described.
I never had a problem with my Duet controller. It controls both my MW Transporter and Boom.