Squeezebox Touch - Benchmark & Standby Mode

I am running the digital out from a Squeezebox Touch into the coax in of a Benchmark DAC-1 USB.
It seems there is always a signal of some sort present on the Squeezebox digital out that prevents the Benchmark from going into standby.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me other that manually changing the input to the Benchmark?
You need this constant signal, to keep the Benchmark lock light from flickering, very irritating. The Benchmark is design to never power off, even with its light off, the unit stays fairly nice and warm but draws so little power.
Thanks Tuong9906 -

On my version of the Benchmark the light flickers for a couple of minutes once a signal is dropped but the goes off as the unit goes into standby.

It would be nice, in my case, if the Squeeze box would cease output once turned off.

I can leave the Benchmark on all the time (light on and not flickering) but it does get quite warm and the constantly glowing light is a minor irritation since it is rather bright.
Oops - forgot to mention; for some reason the version of DAC I have seen to be quite a bit cooler with the lights off rather than on.

I guess it's possible the LED makes a lot of heat????

I knew it was designed to stay on but with the difference in heat I though possibly it dropped the voltage a bit to the analog circuit when in standby.
Thanks -

I knew it output all the time, I was just hoping for a work-around in server software settings or something else I haven't stumbled across yet.

I can live with a (bright) light on the Benchmark as long as the increased heat doesn't cause a problem in the long run.

The combo is such a fine sounding setup for the cost - probably regardless of cost.