Standby Mode - What to do?

Both my Audio Analogue Puccini integrated amp and Jolida JD-100 tube CD player have standy mode operation. Both are currently plugged into a power conditioner - switched outlets. I typically do not keep my conditioner on all day. What should I do? I understand the advantages of a warmer piece of equipment ... better sound quicker - but neither of the operating manuals offer any insight! I listen for at least 1-2 hours a day. Should I leave both units on in standby mode? Will I burn my tubes out faster in the Jolida JD-100 if i do?? Should I leave my power conditioner on continuously?? Help - please!
For the Jolida, once it's on standby (i.e power light on red)the tubes are not energized. Only at "on" position (LED at blue) that the tubes are activated. See for yourself! Open the unit and try switching from "standby" to "on". You will find out that the tubes will only emit a glow if the unit is fully turned on.