Leave Tubes In Standby Mode or Not?

Hello everyone, I have a question that I hope can be addressed by some of you with tube equipment. Are you REALLY supposed to leave your tube equipment "on" or in "standby" when not using it? What if it has a "soft start" like a SF Line 2 preamp? Does it actually help or hurt in terms of tube life to softstart on/off or leave in low power standby. I have a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 preamp, and in standby mode the tubes glow, so I just can't help it, I feel guilty by leaving it on....I feel as though I am wearing out the tubes. Am I? My present thinking is that I would rather turn it on every 2 or 3 days (other days I listen to my other system) for say 6 hours and I don't feel badly about turn-on effects to the tubes because of the soft-start feature. I let it warm up for at least 1 hour before listening. Hmmm. . I suppose some will say leave it on all the time, but how long can tubes last that way? I am new to tubes if you cannot tell. Thanks! (note: my guilt was newly trigged by the related CA Power thread, which I am also reading, but this is a narrower issue).
I turn off my Counterpoint preamp when not in use.My tubes
last three years or more on average.
I have CJ equipment and they recommend turning it off. However, my premiere 17's tubes do not glow when in stand-by mode.
I have a BAT VK30SE. I had the same thoughts as you and have been turning it off rather than leaving it in standby mode.
depends on the gear. my joule preamp has a soft start and judd (the manufacturer) was adamant about NOT turning it off (unless shipping). leaving it in standby increases the tube life significantly.
contact your mfg. they'll be happy to help.
sf recommend leaving line 3 in stand by when used often...turn off if not used every other day or less
My Audible Illusions pre has a standby mode which cannot be turned off short of pulling the plug. It is my inderstanding that the trickle of current actually extends tube life since there is less power-up/power- down stress on the tubes. Don't know if this is true or not, but tube life has never been an issue. Remember, these are generally small tubes. Power tubes are another story, though.
I have often wondered the same thing. If standby mode is really a "trickle" why are the tubes "glowing" in your SF? Looks like more than a trickle to me. I also wonder about the stress of turn on/off vs. standby, especially if the turn on/ off is via a soft-start type circuit. I must admit that I turn "off" my preamp rather than go to standby because I am scared, as you appear to be scared of tube life reduction, but do not have affirmative evidence that this is the case. Also, I am afraid that if a tube blows (for some reason) and no one is home, there is a rist of High voltage and speaker damage, fire, etc... I guess I feel better turning them off, althought guilty because sound quality is not as good- need longer warmup.
I leave them in standby. The glow just means the heater elements are on, but without the high voltage on, therefore no leeching as in full use. Some have a standby that does cause the valves to deteriorate but this is rare. You will get much better sound by leaving your power supply caps fully charged and will take up to two days to re-settle every time you turn them off and on. The worst that can happen is you have to replace one set of valves before you learn I was wrong. Arguably the valves may even last longer because they are not warming/expanding and cooling/contracting all the time. I had precisely the same anxieties, but jumped in the deep end and have never looked back.