Standmount speakers. I have $5000.

I'm shopping standmount speakers. I have $5000.  New or pre-owned is fine.


Micromega M100 integrated pre/amp/dac
Syzygy SLF870 sub x2 (12" drivers, 1200w ea, 20-200Hz, room correction)
Dynaudio Stand 4

room = ~5000 cu. ft, 20'x 18' with 13'-17' vaulted ceiling

The new standmounts will replace Nola Boxers v1 ($1500 new in 2013)

I'm lazy about travel to audition anything but might for local options (esp. to vet pre-owned). I'd probly deal with in-home trial.

As semi-arbitrary starting point I'm looking at Salk SS 7M's ($4995 new). Any others I simply must consider?

I was shopping in that price range with a very similar room (19 x 20, with vaulted ceiling just bit lower).  I went with Salk Silk Monitors, and have been very happy with them.  The Joseph Audio Pulsars were a very close second for me.  Of course, like most people, I haven't heard all of the options on your list. 

When you say the Pulsars were a close second does that mean you heard both and preferred the Salks or was a close second you were just considering? Just curious. 
I went with Salk Silk Monitors
Thanks racarlson, that helps - a lot.  Salk Silk and Silk AT are recent additions to my list (I passed on the SS 7M).  Pre-own JA Pulsars were briefly on the list but dropped (and stayed) off.  I too am real interested to hear why you went with Salk Silk over Pulsar.

A somewhat-surprise-addition to my list is the Triangle Magellan Duetto (also pre-own).
howdy usery!  I'm kind of in the same search mode and owning the original Boxers myself.  I've had them for over 5yrs, the longest I've ever owned a speaker.  my room is 20' x 20' with 10 ft ceilings.  I also have a Rythmik L12 sub and drive them with a Primare i30 integrated.  not that I don't like the Boxers its just I would like to try something different.  anyway let us know what ya decide on.
The Osborn Eos Reference Elite uses the best of the best drivers.
These are fantastic speakers and with the Aussie dollar now only US 68cents a complete bargain and well under US $5000.