Standmount speakers. I have $5000.

I'm shopping standmount speakers. I have $5000.  New or pre-owned is fine.


Micromega M100 integrated pre/amp/dac
Syzygy SLF870 sub x2 (12" drivers, 1200w ea, 20-200Hz, room correction)
Dynaudio Stand 4

room = ~5000 cu. ft, 20'x 18' with 13'-17' vaulted ceiling

The new standmounts will replace Nola Boxers v1 ($1500 new in 2013)

I'm lazy about travel to audition anything but might for local options (esp. to vet pre-owned). I'd probly deal with in-home trial.

As semi-arbitrary starting point I'm looking at Salk SS 7M's ($4995 new). Any others I simply must consider?

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Check these out, both under your limit.
Studio Electric M4
Buchardt S400 Signature
Here's a nice pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars in your price range that should be a significant upgrade over your already excellent Boxers.  Best of luck.

"Check these out:"
rja: checking, thanks

"...musical tastes?"
yogiboy - in order of listening hours descending: classical, electronic/IDM, old & new rock, alternative.

...nice pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars..."
soix: checking these too, thank  you.
Used B&w 805D3 and a sub can be had for your budget and will be pretty great on the music you listed. 
you will not be satisfied unless the speakers are tuned to your ears. $5k is too much for standmounts. You wont even get fullrange sound
There is a new Harbeth 30.1 listed here for $5495. I doubt the seller would turn down a reasonable offer. BTW, I happen to like Harbeths!
you will not be satisfied unless the speakers are tuned to your ears. $5k is too much for standmounts. You wont even get fullrange sound
kenjit: I’ve been reasonably ’satisfied’ with untuned Nola Boxer 2-ways paired with two ’room-corrected’ Syzygy subs. Due to housemates (cats) I’m constrained to standmounts (to get speakers out of reach of cat hands and a$$es. They don’t bother the subs).

Why is $5K too much, and how will the right standmount not deliver or approach fullrange sound? See Salk SS 7M’s as an example: Harbeth 30.1 listed here for $5495
yogi: thanks . I do wonder if that Harbeth model would end up anemic with the electronic/IDM and rock sections of my listening repertoire.  I did find the Super HL5 Plus on a' - new at $4500 which seems dramatically under-priced ... and ships from Spain  : |

Used B&w 805D3 and a sub ...
Mayor: thanks. Already have dual Syzygy SLF 870 subs to pair with. Will read up on the B&W 805D3.
@usery - don't bother with kenjit too much.  His needle has skipped off the record a few too many times.  
Man I like really Nola boxers, they have a nice sound. Harbeth are really good too. You may want to touch base with Skip at audio thesis and have a look at the Rosso Fiorentino, which I felt bested both Nola's and Harbeth. 

I’m about to list my Selah Tempestas.
You can check them out in my "Virtual Systems".
I’m asking less than half of what your budget is.
Raal ribbon tweeter
Accuton ceramic midrange.
Scanspeak woofer.

They retail for $4,000 a pair.

The new Dynaudio Contour line is really good. Can get barely used Contour 20 for well under 3k or the Special 40 for around 2k used. 
...have a look at the Rosso Fiorentino...
thanks jm, will check those out for sure.  are you current/former Boxer owner?

I’m about to list my Selah Tempestas.
db: attractive - in part because they're 3-way (like the Salk SS 7M).  Will look.

new Dynaudio Contour line is really good
thanks mofo.  Dynaudio is kinda obligatory if one looking at standmounts.  I do wonder about P/V ratio though (price/value), given "the Name" one pays for.
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I had Dynaudio Contour 20s. I liked them a lot. They are big standmount speakers. So likely no need for a subwoofer. They are certainly within you budget. Especially used. You would want to get the Dynaudio Stand 20 stands which attach to the bottom of the Contour 20s. 

Another ideas that are possibly in your range maybe Klipsch and Elac. For the latter in your budget your will want to check to see if the Elac Adante line is in budget. But you have some nice choices. 
Try fritz carrera  be speakers , I have a pairs of Nola s2 connect with tube pre amp and sometime I power them with ss power amp or tube power amp , the Nola will sing with better equipment, good pre amp combo but most tube amp will make your Nola sing ,I suggested you try tube amp first before changing your speakers , hope that help ! Good luck with your upgrade
I’m running a Micromega M150 w/ B&W 805D3s and will +1 previous suggestions on these standmounts. Sound good, look good. I’d demo’d them with an HQ recording of Purple Rain and went back and bought them the next day.
Dynaudio Special 40

Best Standmount loudspeakers I have ever heard under 5000.00
Remember stands count Dynaudio stand 20 are a great match. 
I know it’s not in the $5k league... BUT... I just got some Gallo Strada 2s... holy moly.. assuming you have some subs, these things are magicians... maybe not so much for large orchestral works but w EDM , rock, jazz,, anything else.. they simply vanish.. 
atl4love: thanks for the guidance, esp. as fellow Nola fan. I'm listening to the v1 Boxers right now and reminded of the surprising delight, detail and honesty in these small-ish but brilliant boxes.

jwh2 you speaking my dialect (Micromega et français aussi). By your and all other accounts the B&W 803D3 is the real deal. But sadly their form//look rules them out, as I must maintain visual feng shue in main LR listening area for mi esposa (my wife).

ojack - sigh ... given my venture here I suppose I must consider Dynaudio. But I already got their Stand 4, which should suit the many options discussed here (incl the Special 40?).

birdfan - yes got subs - two of them: the underrated if not unfairly maligned Syzygy SLF870. Your listening genres intrigue me for the Strada's: I do large orchestral from time to time but if the Strada's finesse the rest as well that isn't a deal-breaker. Will look.
You can pick up a pair of used Focal Sopra # 1’s for $5K-ish. Worth every penny......
Man, so many good options already listed.  I saw some Salks yesterday at RMAF and I really like Salk now.  They are finished beautifully.  The designer seemed first rate as well.

I looove Joseph Audio Speakers.  They Are gorgeous and Seas drivers may be my personal favorite sounding drivers.  The Pulsars may be the best sounding (to me) stand mounts that I’ve heard.  I love Nola Boxers as well so our tastes might be similar.  

Dynaudio Special 40’s would be a great choice too.  They are beautiful, made extremely well and to a very high standard.  The drivers are  made in house and are special in my opinion.   These Dyn’s are non-fatiguing and have great tone / musicality in my oppinion, and they play loud without strain.

Fritz Carrera Be would be one to look at too!

Any 1 of these 4 should satisfy you for a long time!!  I’m jealous :(
drhelzer - thank you, Focal wasn't on my radar. Sopra #1 stretches my budget but will look into.

b_limo - yes my head is spinning. Joseph Audio Pulsars are on my short list. Your Nola affinity persuades - I'll add Dynaudio Special 40. I guess I should add Fritz Carrera Be too. From your listening does any one of those deliver a more complete Universe-experience than the others?
Usery, you have provided a lot of useful information. Nice job.

A couple of thoughts, si je peux...

You already have a pair of quite capable subs, so your stand-mount speakers don’t need to have major low-end capabilities, and indeed the blend might be better if they don’t. This means you can forego unneeded low-end extension for higher efficiency and therefore (typically) better dynamic impact, which is something that electronica/IDM calls for. In other words, imo your subs make it more likely that you will end up with a very capable system using complementary stand-mounts as your main speakers.

Considering that electronica/IDM is on the menu, your room is arguably a rather large space for most stand-mount speakers to adequately fill. Especially if natural timbre is a very high priority, as is implied by classical music being first on your list. You see, a large room implies a bit greater listening distance, which in turn implies the relative loudness of the direct and reverberant sounds will be tipped somewhat towards the reverberant-dominant end of the scale. Thus what’s happening off-axis will arguably matter a bit more than normal, given that most of the energy reaching your ears will have started out as off-axis sound.

How important is a large "sweet spot" to you? Is this system just for you and you tend to stay in your seat, or is it for others and/or do you sometimes jump up and dance around when nobody is watching (you don’t necessarily have to answer that last part!).

(yup, I make stand-mount speakers)
duke - thanks for the thoughtful reply. Just me in my seat, mostly on-axis, with ears about 7-8 feet from front plane of standmounts. On occasion I do jump up and dance/throw-body-about regardless of anyone watching ; )
I personally would go with the Dynaudio Special 40’s or the Joseph Audio Pulsars...

The Pulsars sound so so good.  Really sweet and refined to my ears.  I just always love them.  I don’t think that you can go wrong with those Dyn’s though.  I’ve seen them used for $2000.  At that price you could easily resell them if you didn’t like them but I really think you’d like them.

I think counting me, you got 3 recommendations for the Dyn’s and 2 for the Pulsars :-)
Having lived with a volumetrically large living/music space (~ 40% larger than yours) for 25+ years with numerous attempts to use stand mounted speakers (the original Reference 3A DeCapos + 2 subs did the best to create a realistic spl ) I finally stopped chasing my tail as DSP subs were never on my radar, and the only way to dial in a room. Kudos

Since you already have subs with DSP, then definitely check out Emerald Physics open baffle EP-3s (known for killer imaging, but so cool looking the wife just might like them), or their new LSA stand mounts which have gotten some glowing comments
I have owned EP KCIIs for 3+ years. They sound better and better as I up my ancillary game. Cool design, but floor standers
Take a serious look at the JERN14 speakers, in particular the JERN14 EH.  They require a sub or two but they are amazing.  I have owned a lot of speakers and these little cast iron beauties are just incredible.  Do a search and check out the reviews.   Good luck.
@usery boxer v1's were my first, "real speaker." powered them with rogue audio gear. as mentioned, they really do like tubes! 

I just got the B&W 805 D3 and couldn’t be happier....excellent quality speakers.
I've owned several standout standmounts over the past decade.

1. Focal 1007BE + HSU sub. This setup was driven by a McIntosh MA7000 integrated amp. Very musical combo.

2. KEF LS50's. Obviously too small for your room.

3. KEF Reference 1's (no sub) driven by a Hegel H590 integrated. Unbelievable set up. Very musical and with far more resolution than the Focal's/McIntosh. Not sure if the McIntosh held the Focal's back or if the Reference 1's are just better.

The Reference 1's retail for 8k plus stands but you should be able to secure a pair for 5k. Currently one pair up on audiogon No affiliation, mine are gloss black. Not sure if they meet wife acceptance... Mine are at the office!

Regardless, I'd recommend a larger boxed bookshelf given your room size. I'm in agreement that the Harbeth's wouldn't be ideal for electronic music.

Good luck!

I just got the B&W 805 D3 and couldn’t be happier....excellent quality speakers.
They have a bit too much treble no?
Kenjit......actually I really never noticed to much treble with these speakers although I do use the equalizer controls on my McIntosh C48 pre amp to fine tune for my ears.
Kenjit, he actually had an audiogram and then after that went through a frequency sweep in .01 increments where he rated each cycle, or hertz, on a scale from 1-1000, depending on how much he liked that particular hertz.  It was a lengthy process but was needed in order to establish a baseline.

After that, he took his data and entered it into a database where every single speaker ever made has had it’s exact frequency response plotted and graphed.  After years and years of research he landed himself on the perfect speaker for his ears AND listening preferences based on how the results of HIS hearing and HIS listening preferences.

I’m not quite sure if you analyzed the results of his audio gram and the results of his preferred frequency response graphs but if you have not, whats your basis for determining that the B&W’s have too much treble for his personal tastes, in his room, with his associated equipment...

Maybe you would be so kind as to enlighten us further as to how you came to that conclusion...
“I do use the equalizer controls on my McIntosh C48 pre amp to fine tune for my ears.”

OMG, are you saying that you were able to tune your speakers to your liking with 1 knob??  Why the heck did we run the Audiosweep / Audiogram / Frequency Response preference tests?

I think Kenjit might be right afterall.  Those speakers have too much treble for your ears... we’ll need to do the tests all over again :(
I think that the Jern speakers look, on paper, very promising. Sealed cabinet is a big plus in my book. Shape and cabinet material also looks really interesting. If you take a look at most the speakers others have suggested you will see a, to me, disturbing pattern of similarity.
I would think Legacy Calibre would have to be on this list. Rave reviews and they can really fill a large space.
VAPOR AUDIO - (check out entire line) MY CHOICE: STIFF BREEZE W/STANDS (A BARGAIN!) - check them out. I believe you can get a demo to try; consult if stands you have will work well with these, saving you $$$ for more music.
My friend is impressed with the Golden Ear line...
I presently have Gershman Acoustics Avant Garde RX-20s from early 2000s and luv them! New model (upgraded ),not your budget - watch vintage market...
b_limo: yes vox populis is persuasive (+3 for Dynaudio, +2 for Pulsars). Thanks for pointing to the simple truth in the numbers.

tweak: ah yes, thanks, will check Emerald Physics. It was a supporter (and dealer) of theirs who put me onto Syzygy subs.

crozbo: cast iron is weird but why not? thanks, looking at JERN14.

keoliphant: KEF Reference 1 suggestion is intriguing. That pre-own pair at tmraudio is rosewood finish (big plus for my decor) but they look well-loved (dings all over) and I already have excellent stands (Dynaudio Stand 4). Appreciate the regardless-guidance on larger boxed monitor/bookshelf.

jsautter: another JERN vote ... thanks, looking.

bajaed: yes thanks for reminder, will add Legacy again. Saw them when looking a few years ago.

ISoP: ok will check Vapor, Golden Ear too.  Gershman looks interesting, even a bit exotic - and probly beyond my budget.
Revel M126Be.


Buchardt S400

Salk Silk

Salk/Philharmonic BMR

All good options

2le: that’s +3 for Fritz. Are you an owner?

Studying Carerra 7 Be now - very attractive build, spec and reviews. Dude has been designing & building speakers since 1973! I like the assured yet modest voice that comes through in all the descriptions on the web site.
Check out the Tekton double impact monitors, giant killers for $2000 with exquisite sound quality and serious thump for their size.
Powered by my Peachtree Nova 300 they easily produce crisp detailed sound and lots of warm midrange with room shaking bass at 108db SPL.
60day money back guarantee

I was going to suggest another sellers foundry edition one, but that one looks like it was snapped up in 2 days (listed at $5875). The link above is another standard color version and even lower cost.
I like those Boxers tho....
Wharfedale Lintons 85th Anniversary killer for the price..
Quad Z2
Revel M126Be
Kef R3
Used Harbeth 30.1
Used Dynaudio C1
Used Jospeh Audio Pulsars
I definitely like Fritz's designs...
Add the Elac Adante monitors to their on sale for $1500 pair...but you will need some muscle to push them...but they are a phenomenal deal...
@usery  I heard them at the Capital Audio Fest.  So impressed I went back a couple of times.  At the show, the only standmounts that outdid them were from Gamut, at ~5x the price.  Also, how many do you see offered for resale?... very few.