Starting a new dedicated HT

Looking to build a dedicated HT room in basement. Looking at lots of of choices for speakers. Likely going to use Integra 70.4 receiver but will likely add separate amp in the future. Looking at both in wall with closed baffle from Triad as well as freestanding from Zu, SVS, Focal, etc. likely 7.1. Using 120" screen. Room is 22x15x9. I've used Merlin speakers in the past and really want a great stereo reproduction as well. I've used tubes in the past but want a simpler setup that my family can enjoy. Likely 60/40 HT/music. Budget is variable.
I would recommend you look at the Emotiva line of electronics. You could get their UMC-200 preprocessor mated to their XPA-2 and XPA-5 Gen 2 amps and have a *killer* system for around $2500...

I am using Mirage OMD-28 series for my home theatre and love it. My room is similar in size to yours, just 17 instead of 22, and 100" screen. Mirage are great for HT, as they are very immersive and have incredible bass. You can find them used pretty inexpensively.

In-wall are good, but be sure you can use them before buying. I made this mistake (turns out I have mortar and lath walls and can't use them), and they are impossible to sell. Just fair warning.

From your comments on loudspeaker options, might I suggest considering sepate stereo music loudspeakers and a sparate 5.1/7.1 HT loudspeaker sytem in that space?! You can easily hide all the loudspeakers by building a simple fakade in the front of the room -which also frames the front nicely (like a movie theater), hides all the gear and treatments, wires,lighting, etc! The fakade also casts a nice shadow in the front of the room (if you don't use some light rejection screen like SI Black Diamond, DNP Supernova, Dalite x850, etc), which is most effective in keeping your walls/ceiling from that glowing from projected light cast on them. Then you'll get best of both worlds for your music tastes and HT needs! Great I idea, I think.
In this case you can go with some super dynamic, acoustically friendly, focused, yet coherent, detailed, and solid sounding horns, or active multi-driver monitor speakers to properly handle the demanding dynamic needs of a good movie soundtrack for theater duties. Then, the more music oriented loudspeakers would be more tailored to your musical tastes. FYI.
If you would rather look at a bunch of loudspeakers and equipment spread all around the front of the room instead (the wife will love you, and Home And Gardens Magazine will surly be there promptly to photograph your wonderful d├ęcor choices), then you will likely go with some multiple woofer driver monitors that at least keep ceiling/floor reflections controlled, and pretty efficient, and clear sounding mid/hi-fi loudspeakers you can find.
Only you can know whether the speakers will float your boat for your music tastes in that case. Trial an error dictates here that you might try a pair before getting the rest of the system. You can always return what you don't like.
Remember, at the end of the day EVERYONE choses different loudspeaker choices! ..and that included industry professional. (good idea is to go through all the system choices of professional AV system/magazine reviewers, and consider what they are using! They typically know their stuff from experience. FYI)
Good luck
IMO making any HT or Audio only system family friendly (one button ON/OFF) really makes it inviting to use. A cable or after market remote can make this possible along with an amplifier and other components that use low standby power.

Personally, I went from 5.1 to 7.1 and I would never go back. JL Audio and Velodyne offer some in wall subwoofer options that would be worth a look. I've yet to hear an in wall speaker system that worked for my ears but you may find some aim-able models that work for you.

If I were building from scratch in wall cable conduit and AC receptacles at the speaker locations would be a must, There are audio related building materials and techniques that are worthwhile to look into.

Have fun with it and don't rush it.
Thanks for your responses. So here's the system in works.
1. Integra 60.5 receiver. Might use as processor in the future with separate amp. Going this route because has 4k upgrade that other Integras don't yet include.
2. Triad lcr bronze inwall 7.1 with 2 triad subs.
3. Jvc dla4810 projector
4. Stewart film screen 115 inch 2.35 format
5. Oppo bluray
6. Harmony remote

What do you think?
any room treatment, soundproofing? I DIY my home theater, if I could do it again, I'd definitely spend some time and money on treating the room first, because once your room is done, you can't go back and redo them easily. The speakers and all these equipments, if you don't like them, you can easily swap them out the next day. Just my 2cents.
I'd go with the SI Black Diamond over the comparably priced Stewart. The SI has superior black level in all lighting conditions, as well as contrast, and rejection of off-axis wall color and stray light. The latest has enough refinement that It's hard for me to go back.
Gotten spoiled by being able to view a large screen movie with ambient light in the room, and so have my guests. Nice lifestyle upgrade! FYI