Starting out

I am getting a TT fund started. So far it's at $250. I upgraded my speakers,pre amp,and cables this year and do not wish to write a check for a TT. This weekend I have been going through the house looking for sale items! We will see what happens. My 2 channel system: Dedicated outlet,Anthem amp.2SE,Musical Fidelity 3.2 pre.,Sony DVP9000ES,and Dynaudio contour 3.0. At what point would I pass up the 9000es. The Dyns are just incredible speakers,the detail blows me away. Music Direct is close by and I stop in often. They really like the vpi scout. I am looking at the mmf7. I plan on keeping this systems kind of simple. I'll keep saving for now.

I think that you could surpass the 9000ES at about the same price point you paid for it. Maybe less.

Using good condition, clean records will go a long way toward keeping you satisfied with analog. I'd suggest putting a record cleaner in your budget.
Having owned a 9000es it won't take to much from an analog set up to out perform it. The 9000es is ok for the price but is not on the front line of reference quality digital playback. I agree with Twl assesment of about the same price to out perform the sony.


Do you think the mmf 7 would keep me happy for a while? I don't want play a record,put everything back in the box,post an add,sell one TT,look for another,etc.etc.etc

The Music Hall is a good table. I think if you could stretch up to a Nottingham table, you'd do a little better. But I don't think you'll be putting the MMF back in the box and selling it. It's pretty good. You also might consider the Teres 135, if you can go over $2k for their lowest model and a Rega 250 arm with a decent cartridge.
I was where you are about 18 months ago, and bought the ProJect 1.2. There isn't anything wrong with it per se, but it isn't the greatest source. I need to get a VPI cleaner, I think that would help alot since all my LPs are second hand. Point being, I think you will be happier if you invest more at the front end than I did. Keep buying LPs until you have the chance to get a good table.
If you have limited funds, you might do better putting all your capital into the TT/arm/cartridge rather than buying a lower quality source + a cleaning machine. Records can be washed pretty effectively by hand and the tools cost far less than a machine. My whole manual washing setup cost under $100. I'm not saying a RCM wouldn't be better, just that I wouldn't downgrade my source to get one.

You have to wash somehow. If you're willing to wash by hand buy the best source you can afford now and plan on getting a RCM later.

I bet you will be happy with the MMF 7 for a while. Match it with a decent tube phono stage and you will get a great deal of enjoyment from it.

Also, get some Mobile One in that bearing cup and don't worry about it dripping out from underneath. Just put a paper towel under the middle.
I just put on Steely Dan's new one. EMG is the best record I have heard. Sounds much better than my old capehart stereo. I am off to pick up a record cleaner.