Amps with digital volume and preset starting volume level

In my study, I have a Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10. The thing I love most about this integrated amp is its digital volume knob and settings; when turning on the amp, the volume is always set to -50db, no matter what the volume was set to when turning the amp off.

I think this is a genius idea. With little kids around, I’m always scared that they might turn the amp’s volume all the way up, then turn the amp on and damage the speakers. This amp solves that problem.

The problem does not necessarily happen just to little kids. Ten years ago, a friend and I were auditioning a few stereo systems at high-end stereo stores in town, and the owner of one of the stores wanted us to listen to an Arcam amp he loved. He turned it on, started the source CD player, and got himself and us startled because the amp’s volume was set all the way up.

Now, the obvious question is, why don’t all integrated amps (or preamps) have this feature? In fact, why don’t they all have a digital volume knob with 1db increments? Why don’t they all have a little display that shows the current volume level (the AM10 does this, too, but sadly, only when changing the volume)

Am I missing something?