Static attack! Time to get the humidifiers going

With the temperature dropping and the heat kicking on that old nemesis is rearing it's ugly head again.  Easily noticeable on most records lately.  Especially today when I went to do some listening.  I have a Hudson hi-fi Anti static dust brush contraption set up and I think it does help.  I especially like how it dusts the record as it spins.  But when I went to throw on a record (Mahavishnu Birds of Fire) the dust brush swung over towards the record like a shot!  Hit it with the Zerostat (had forgotten to use it first) and tried placing the record on the platter again.  The dust brush stayed put!  Good to see the Zstat doing it's job.  

But, I am considering purchasing a Furutech destat in the near future.  Anyone actually use one with good results?  It is a bit pricey but I'm thinking it may be a worthwhile investment.  



So the header on this thread said “Time to get the Humidifiers going “ and I’m not seeing much about humidifiers, so I’m going to ask, what kind  of humidifier is everybody using? I just moved into this place about three years ago and it has an AprilAire whole house humidifier on the furnace and it isn’t anywhere near enough! Everything is clean and in good working order, but we still spark! I’ve stopped playing vinyl for the time being, but my other equipment, while grounded still sparks and My poor dogs don’t understand when they get a spark to the nose!

Thanks all.

As I mentioned these are the healthiest and the easiest to maintain (see pick) and one per room should do it.

You mentioned dogs, so you would have to place them higher up as do I.

I use attractive vintage bowls that are 3"-4" high with the smallest being 12" in diameter and they last 2-3 days during the winter and/or during the Santa Ana winds.

If you don't want to use bowls then 2nd best (health wise) would be an electrical "cool" evaporative humidifier (avoid the warm mist designs). 

They require that the filters be cleaned or replaced often.

Ultrasonic humidifiers needs to be kept impeccably clean/sterile as otherwise they can spread bacteria in a very fine/breathable mist which is a health hazard to everyone in the household.

They also require extremely pure water (like double distilled) in order that they operate/mist as designed.

I've had allergy/sinus problems since the 80's which is why I'm so picky and why I no longer use ultrasonic or warm mist humidifiers.



I know I'm late to the party on this one but I have a Nottingham Space Deck so I know something about static. The brass bearing is notoriously conductive. In the Winter it would get to the point that I was actually afraid to flip a record because of the bang that was sure to come. Tried Zerostat gun but was disappointed. It does not work particularly well for me and the disc should be decoupled from platter when using which is awkward. A few years ago I saw a post that recommended grounding the bearing. A cheap piece of wire hooked up to my step up transformer ground did the trick and it has not happened since. For small sporadic crackle I use Gruv Glide. I know there will probably be some blow back but the stuff works with no loss of detail due to buildup in the grooves. At least that has been my experience. If anyone is tempted to recommend I get a different deck just know I plan on being buried with the Nottingham.

@ghdprentice , you mean somebody still lives in Portland?  Here in the Northeast we were led to believe it had been turned into rubble by peaceful rioters.  

The following link provides detailed instructions on how to operate the Zerostat.

I find it (Zerostat) effective, but using it correctly (both slow draw "and" release are required) is not intuitive and requires practice.

I usually don't need it, but it can come in handy when I first install a 100% wool mat or the OEM Thorens rubber mat.