Stax hook up question

Will be getting a Stax SRM-006t soon that I just purchased here on Audiogon (along with the SR-404) and I have a hook up question. My pre amp only has one tape out, and I have two tape decks. I already have a Niles TSB-3 tape deck switcher that will hook up to 3 tape decks. It's my understanding that the Stax is to be hooked into the tape loop of my pre amp. Can I simply just hook up the Stax to the tape in & out on the Niles? Or is this a bad idea?
I'm not sure either. Looking at the back of the SRM-006t, it has RCA connections for 1-in & out, and a second set for "in".
I saw that Stax 006T/404 combo and almost bought it as a backup for my T1/Signature Stax setup. Congratulations to you! If this is your first Stax headphone, you are in for a treat. Hookup is easy, just look for line level output. I recommend connecting it directly to a source component, i.e. CD player or tape deck, for the best sound. The sound will amaze you as soon as you put on the headphones.
Mark, congratulations! As Tony says, you are in for a treat.

I'm pretty certain that the output connectors on the SRM-006t are internally wired directly to the corresponding input connectors, for "input 1," and are provided simply as a convenience in case you want to route the signals provided to "input 1" to an additional destination. So there is no need to connect those output connectors to anything.

Assuming that you will want to be able to use the headphones to listen to the tape decks as well as to other source components that are connected to the preamp, what I suggest is that you connect an input of the SRM-006t to whichever tape output of the Niles (1 or 2 or 3) is presently unused.

To listen with the headphones, you would then set the "Play" switch on the Niles to "Off," and if (for example) the input of the SRM-006t is connected to tape out 3 on the Niles, you would set the Tape 3 knob on the Niles to either "Amp" or "1" or "2" depending on what you want to listen to. The "Amp" setting would be used to listen to whatever source component is selected on the preamp. "1" and "2" would be used to listen to the corresponding tape deck. The Tape 1 and Tape 2 knobs would be set to "Off" in all of these situations, assuming you are not recording while listening.

At some point you might want to compare the resulting sound with the sound that would result if you connect the SRM-006t directly to your most critical source component, as Tony suggested. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if the difference is very minimal.

Enjoy! Regards,
-- Al

Tonykay, I had a pair of entry level Stax about 25 years ago, SRD5 & SR3 maybe?
I remember that the sound was just incredible! I missed them very much.

Al, yes I do plan to use them for listening to my tape decks as well as my other sources. And thanks for your very detailed hookup directions!