Stealth Audio loudspeaker cables - time to replace after almost 10 years?

Hello all,

I bought back in Aug.2011 loudspeaker cables "Stealth Dream Petite" from Stealth Audio and I very happy with them. My question is how long these cables will keep their pristine conditions soundwise. What is the experience in this respect? 

Furthermore, replacing them by Stealth Audio "Dream Petite V16" or by V16-T? represent a step up and why? I would welcome comments of Stealth Audio speaker cables :-)

Finally, I'm open to other brands, but my experience with Stealth has been very positive so far.

Possible relevant information: I've got MSB Analog DAC / XLR ghostcables / power amp PASS 250.5 / speaker Avalon Acoustics Indra.

Kind regards and thank you


If you are using your system on a regular basis I don't think cables ever degrade. Might something else sound better? Sure but perhaps not and if you're happy with the sound you're getting why change?
Stealth has bad service and 0 resale look at Purist either new or used a wonderful sounding cable from a great company. Furutech speaker cables are also very good if you get the top models.Good luck!!
ebm, Stealth may have resale value difficulties but they are absolutely fantastic sounding cables and I would put them up against any other manufacterer and I had zero issues with customer service.

I see alot more Purist, Tara, Nordost top of line cables for resale more then Stealth by the way so something must be going on.

I ran Stealth cables for many years and currently running Furutech top end cables which are a true bargain for there performance but they don’t compare to Stealth top of the line of course the difference in price between Stealth and Furutech you could by a great preamp, dac ect.
Thats great i had all Stealth on my Magicos liked Purist and Furutech much better.Glad you loved Stealth.Stealth is great cable but my Magicos did not sound there best with it in my system.
Hi all,
thank you for coming back. Anyone has got experience with the speaker cable "Dream Petite V16"?
Cheers and thank you
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Im now using TARA LABS MUSE speaker cable what are you using pepparo.Somthing much better i guess?
I’d love to hear Tara Muse speaker cables on my system , I’m sure there outstanding ebm.

envious for sure
I’ve also been using Dream Petite speaker cables since quite a number of years now and am still REALLY happy with them. Why should they ever degrade?? They don’t! Just clean their connectors once every ten years and your set! I think you suffer a bit from boredom and/ or curiosity for something else…understandable. It’s a bit like with women after such a longer period of time …LOL.
But oftentimes it doesn’t get better …and coming back to topic: changing speaker cables to a different brand may make it necessary to change other parts of your chain as well to get your required sound (back?). So big risk here! The V16 versions in my book are more or less cosmetics. Change ONLY when you’re not satisfied with the sound of your system AND your speaker cables are the weakest part in your chain (which I doubt cause they’re great when fully broken in).