Stealth VARIDIG Digital Interconnect

I have been burning in and auditioning the Stealth Varidig Digital Premier interconnect for the past two and a half weeks. I have had them burning in for 12-14 hours every day.
I just wanted to share that these cables are dramatically better in my system than anything else I have ever used. I had been using the Purist Audio, Audio Prism, Silversmith and others.

I seek outstanding detail without harshness - this is the first time I have ever felt I have found it!

I've heard that digital cables did not make a major difference in sound - well that just ain't so!

I can't overemphasize my delight with this cable.

I am in no way associated with the manufacturer - just one heck of a happy customer. I am now trying out his M-7 Signature and the PGS Gold analog interconnects - will be a couple of weeks till I can accurately report on these, but first impression of the M-7 is very positive. Have not plugged in the PGS yet.

My system is: Sony SCD1 to TACT 2.0 RCS to Art Audio Jota (with upgraded tubes) to Avantgarde Duo Hornspeakers. Speaker cables are biwired Silversmith and prior analog interconnects have been Silversmith.
I second the recommendation for Stealth products. Don't be deceived by the low price. A humble Silver Ribbon speaker cable and the interconnect (not even M7), recently came very close to Kimber Select at 20x the cost.
I agree with the positive feedback as well. I compared the Varidig with my Illuminations D60 and found the Varidig to be more extended and neutral. They were close but I found the Kimber to be slightly sweet as opposed to the total neutrality of the Varidig. I tried their interconects (CWS) which were very good for the money but definitely bested by Van Den Hul's The First Ultimate carbon fiber interconnects. The are so detailed yet so completely neutral and smooth that I don't believe you can find a better IC. I've tried Stealth's Fine Ribbon speaker cable but found it to be noticibly rolled off in the high frequencies and slow. That's all for now
My experience with the Vardig cable is similar to yours. I am running it between a CEC TL-1X and AugioLogic 2400 DAC with incredible results. My interconnects are all Stealth PGS and I have never heard interconnects that come close. I'm running two pair of Stealth Ultimate Ribbon cables in biwire configuration to my Vandersteen 5 speakers with outstanding results.

I am somewhat less impressed with the Stealth power cables. I recently bought four of the Absolute Power Cables on sale on Augiogon for $39 each. I was so impressed I ordered five more.
I use three Varidigs between my Theta Basic II, my twin Monarchy Dips and my Belcanto Dac-1 and I will never look back. I use the Silver SCW interconnects as well. I agree with all that was said above. I also use Stealth's Premier copper speaker cables which are stunning as well. I hope to upgrade to the Ulitimate ribbons sometime but there prices on this site are going up,up,up so I doubt I will be able to afford it. So it goes with great stuff.
When I started this tread, I noted that I was just starting to audition the Stealth M-7 Signature and the Stealth PGS cables.

Reporting back, I now have over 350 hours on the cables. In my system, the clear sonic winner is the M-7 Signature. Stealth has again produced the best analog interconnect I have ever had in my system. The M-7 is beautifully detailed without a hint of harshness and a soundstage that is beyond what it would have taken to satisfy me!

I will next try his speaker cables.