Step down transformers for japanese gear

Hi guys,
Lately, I have bought for quite a good price Luxman power amp and preamplifier m900u and c900u directly from Japan (Hifi-Do). I used two EI transformers of 2k each to convert from 230v to 100v, and was very happy with the sound. The only problem I had was high radiation and a little buzz. I found a polish company that makes toroidal transformers and have decided to take the plunge. For 350 Euro including shipping, I ordered audio grade isolation 2k toroidal transformer which sounds as good if not better than the two EI transformers I have. For those who think of ordering gear from Japan, I can recommend this company (no relation, of course, I live in Israel).

By the way, I used to own plitron in the past and was not satisfied with the result. 
Also see 'hifiengine' for the schematics for that particular given item, sometimes the transformers in them are universal, and not country or region specific.
I should stress that not every step-down transformer would do for hi-end applications. Transformers can impart their own sonics on the sound. The one I recommend is audio-grade, isolation(!) transformer, with low(!) radiation. I measured the radiation from the EI transformers I have here (Hospital grade) and was shocked!. Toroidals have low radiation so always prefer those, especially if you have kids. 
Thanks taviran for the tip. Can't you wire for 110 in Israel by using one leg?
What would be a good transformer company / model for using a 100v piece of gear on a 120v line ? 
120VAC to 100VAC is not the most common conversion, so choices are limited.
Check out the one mentioned earlier in this thread, re the 220V to 100V
That transformer (or product range) may be strappable to 120VAC in.. to get down to a 100VAC out.
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Check out, they make 120->100 etc.
(I’m Not affiliated with them)
Apologies for misspelling, and thanks to imhififan for correcting it.
Actually this links takes you to the page that describes all the different transformers they sell, including Japan to USA or the reverse...
You could buy it there or from the others which were mentioned.