Still cnfusd about upgrdg 4 bettr music reprductn

Hello ladies and gents,

First, my system;

Krell HTS1 processor
Pioneer Elite DV-C36 DVD
Plinius SA-250 MKIV L&R front chs
Aragon 8008x3b center & rears
Dynaudio Contour 3.0 L&R front chs
Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKII rears
Dynaudio Contour center ch
Rel Storm III sub
Regina Warren Design ICs & SCs
The Ultimate Power Cord every where I could put them.

I posted a while back and got some great advice so hear I go again. I'm still looking to get better music reproduction from my system. I've decided to purchase a music only CDP. The names that have impressed me the most are Metronome CD2V Sig., Accuphase DP75V(used), Gamut CD-1 and Audio Note Transport 2-Dac 2.1x. Any opinions on these would be great. The real question is, once I get one of these players into my system will it expose my processor as not being able to hold up its end of the reproduction chain. I would like to get the processors dacs out of the way when it comes to music. The idea I have for that is to replace the processor w/one that has an digital bypass and or anolog pass through and add a tube pre amp so's to hook up the cdp to the tube pre and have the dac(s) from the cdp do the converting. Then have the tube pre go through the anolog pass through or play the cdp w/the processor in digital bypass mode and enjoy the music. How feasible is this. Any opinions, ideas, equipment suggestions and criticism of the idea and chosen equipment is welcome and very appreciated. Thanks for the help......John
The better way to go about it is to get a 2 channel preamp with a video loop. Connect your cdp, front 2 ch power amp and front speakers to your 2 ch pre. Connect your processor thru video loop. When you want to play movies etc press video selector to engage processor.
Part of the answer is how "complicated" a setup are you willing to deal with - how many boxes, how it's cabled, how much "configuration" you have to switch to go from movies to music and vice versa.

The most straightforward setup that would still get you where you want to be would be to trade up the Krell to one of their newer ones that have the analog pass-through. Then you could buy a dedicated CDP and use it's analog outs. This is what I did in your same situation, actually with very similar or identical gear. I want the best sound I can get, but I don't want multiple equipment racks or something the rest of the family can't figure out how to watch a movie on.

To really streamline while still getting awesome sound, do the above upgrade and replace the Pioneer with a Muse Model 9 Signature DVD player. It is a phenomenal CD player, an exceptional DVD player (progressive scan output, plays CDRs and MP3s), and can be had very reasonably on the used market. This, again, was my approach and I'm very satisfied with the results. -Kirk

Hey Kthomas,
That is exactly what I had in mind but I thought the tube pre would bring something more to the mix. I'm considering trading up to the HTS3 7.1. It has the anolog pass through. Will that be all that is necessary for what I have in mind? Will the pre section of that unit be good enough? That is what I'm afraid of. If you have personal experience w/this let me know the details and how you like it compared to other systems you might have heared. Thanks for the responses. Keep them coming.....John