Stillpoints under T-W Acustic Raven AC


I'm on the way for a stand under my T-W Raven AC (one motor) and thinking about a Stillpoint Stand complete with all feet and risers needed. Did someone have experience with that ?
Thank you
SYPOSIUM ulta Stealth is under my AC1 works great is neutral stilpoints tilt toward highs.This is a much better choice.If you want the best stand its SYMPOSIUM ISIS it is aircraft aluminum very neutral will make table dead quiet with great stage depth width etc.
Bought the latest stand with Ultras and am more than satisfied. I have some symposium products working in conjunction to great benefit
If you already have enough space for the turntable on your component rack, I would rather first try 3 (better than 4 for leveling) Stillpoints Ultra 5s (with cups) under the turntable, with the option of exchanging them for a full Stillpoints rack if they don't work well enough for you (no dealer would say no to that). I doubt you'll need more than the Ultra 5s even on a simple, solid wooden rack, they are better than the Stillpoint racks IMHO.
If it is in your price point, the Symposium Acoustic Quantum Signature Platform is extraordinary. You nay not need a new rack if you are trying to extract the most from your table. This platform sitting on top of your current platform is a miraculous mechanical isolation device and will double resolution from your vinyl.
I use a SRA Ohio platform under my AC-1 and have had zero issues with vibration even with the subway running directly under my NYC apartment building. The US distributor for TW uses SRA as well.
Symposium Ultra works very well for TW AC-1. However, Minus K is a significant upgrade from Symposium in term of bass extension, quieter background. I found Sympsosium slightly dry out the midrange a bit as a trade off for improved detail and focus but Minus K has no such trade off.
Hmmm.. I wonder, putting Stillpoint Ultras 5 under TW on Minus K, what would that be like ?
I would agree with much of what has been said here. Yes, the Symposium Quantum Signature might be slightly dry in the mids, but the overall presentation is quite neutral, super fast, improved speed stability, and has a view to the back wall of orchestral recording venues I have only heard come from a Walker. The bass is killer and very well defined. I know the SRA, but I have no way to make a direct comparison. I know it is a great product. It would have been my second choice. I do not know anything really about the Minus K. I have been told by several people in the industry that the new Stillpoints are in a league by themselves and that they are a significant improvement when used with any of these great platforms.
I have used a number of footers under my Raven One over the years, currently the Stillpoint Ultra SS. Yes, I feel they are marginally better than the old Stillpoints+ risers, but personally, I don't think the improvement matches the price difference.
Very clearly though, I feel that Stillpoints are better than other footers tried, including Herbies Isocups and Symposium Rollerball juniors