Strangest Transformation in Break In.

This has to be the strangest transformation in sound quality involving break in that I have experienced in my long history in Audio,

I installed new analog interconnects (Wireworld Platinum 8) from my Lumin X1 Dac/Streamer to my Ayre Twenty preamp. These cables are made from pure 7N silver wire and are quite expensive. From the moment connected I was not impressed with the cables. The music was dull. I mean really dull and lifeless. The seller claimed these were new cables and needed a few days to break in. Tweek Geek: Michael, whom I have a lot of respect for said these cables take more like 300 hours for breakin. (I wish I had bought them from him). So, I started with non-stop music playing to accelerate breakin.

And, to complicate things further, 3 days after getting the interconnects I received 8 of the Critical Mass 1.0 footers. They were placed under my Lumin X1 and my Ayre Twenty Preamp. At this time things sounded a little bit better but I was still not impressed for all the money I just spent and all the on-line glowing reviews of these products. There was something dulling the music, especially in the treble region and also severely limiting dynamics. Could these interconnects be such a mis-match with my equipment? I actually started looking for replacements.

I then read a couple of on-line reviews by Positive Feedback in which they claimed that the Critical Mass Footers go through some horrendous sonic changes. I contacted the company that I bought them from and they said they only take a couple of days to settle. It’s a mechanical thing, ok. Mmmm.

So, what the heck is going on?

Well today, after 12 days since installing the footers, you know what? It was not the interconnects; it was the footers! Now, I’m sure the interconnects needed some time to break in, and I had the double whammy going on. But the footers created a wide variance from day one to today. I encourage anyone contemplating these footers investigate the reviews. Today, after 12 days the dulling went away and the sound blossomed and sounds great!

Could it be that I purchased the CM 1.0 version and used them with some light weight equipment and that prolonged the break in process? I dunno know. But I am truly amazed at the fact that footers can change the sound so much.

BTW, The Critical Mass footers replaced Stillpoints Ultra SS.


My experience with footers showed me it's all a matter of placement. With my Isoacoustic Oreas, placing them directly in contact with the chassis resulted in very different outcomes depending on just where they were placed. Eventually, I found them to work best directly under my gears own footers.

Moving them around to different spots on the gears chassis resulted in  some really nice mid and bass effects but always at the expense of the highs.

As for silver ICs, I use Darwin ICs and they sounded wonderful right from the get go, with some improvements down the line. Not major, but there was some.

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IM using 3  sets of 1 1/2 and i set of 1 inch they took 10 days to settle in.They are the best footers i have owned they were even better than MAGICO Q pods.
I guess I am used to equipment, cables, speakers etc. taking time to break in but I never would have thought that a footer could change so much over about a 2 week time frame.

After buying the Nobsound springs from nonoises thread I made my own using 3 springs per MDF footer. Was surprised when the sound became clearer a day or so later. Only thing I can think, either they settled into position better, or they fit snug and it took a while to create a little clearance. Whatever the reason they definitely did change, and for the better. Anyone says 300 hours though and my Spidey senses start tingling.
I could see the 300 PLUS for silver ANYTHING, though.
I had 60 year old silver USAF surplus #12 cable. I almost chucked it, and sold it for weight. I was patient 35 years ago. ALL winter and half the summer. THEN they sounded like no other, UNTIL they were stolen, along with the remainder of the spools, 4 years ago. (Storage).

I now give SILVER anything, cable, cap leads, amps ( with silver traces)
silver KNOBS, even get extra break-in time. Teflon, Silver, 1000 hours.
YEP.. Is it worth it... YEP, if your patient...

Cabinet settling, STUFF seating, springs shaking.
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nonoise, ebm, millercarbon, oldhvymec,
Thanks for the replies.

The Critical Mass footers must have some internal suspension that adjusts over time to the weight of the component.

On the silver cable break in, in my experience, silver wire usually sounds bright when first installed. In this case it did not.

But, when the footers were installed, their first day sounded ok, (perhaps the wire was breaking in), but then the sound took a deep plunge into tubbiness, dullness etc. I couldn’t believe how bad it got.

Did you experience the same with your CM footers?

Anyone see a picture of the CM insides?

Yes they sounded great than just ok then after 10 days the sound was wonderful a killer tweak for sure.
Well it has been the best part of September and the transformation from the beginning to the present is truly remarkable. The highs and dynamics are outstanding! 
I can highly recommend both the WireWorld Platinum Eclipse 8 interconnects and the Critical Mass footers.