Does a after market power cable make a difference on a streamer like lumin U2 mini or U1 mini



you might want to edit your original question to ask will a power cord make an improvement.

It is surprising, how often folks around here, conflate “different“ with “better“ and “cost“ with “quality”.

For a U1 mini or U2 mini, an external linear power supply is probably a more cost efficient first step. I had a T2 with an SBooster, and for me, it was a significant improvement.  

To the original question, yes a PC can certainly make a difference you can hear. It's up to you to figure out which one floats your boat at a price you can live with.

I would suggest the lending program from For a reasonable fee, you can demo multiple cables and decide for yourself. If you choose to buy, your rental fee applies to the purchase. If you don't hear an improvement at a price you're willing to pay, you're out only the rental fee.

I've been down both paths, and currently have an X1 with an aftermarket PC.

Please let new cords break in so you don't pre judge. It does make a difference.

Yes absolutely, especially on digital sources where controlling external emi noise is crucial.