Streamer for Goldmund Telos 7 built in DAC?

Trying to upgrade from Node (previous to X) to a nice end game streamer.

Been reading an like a lot Aurender gear, like N150, N200… or Lumin U2 mini? Maybe Innuos Pulse, etc.

I don’t like the idea to have streamer DAC like ifi Neo Stream or Eversolo, for that, DAC inside the Telos is amazing or my Acoustic Plan Digimaster.

Also which USB cable? now using Coaxial.

Btw I’m not using Roon.



I have an Aurender N200 and it's a great machine.  Replaced my Vault 2i and was a significant upgrade.   

Aurender support is very good.  Control App works great.   I have the SSD installed and I can also play files and copy files in the Vault through the N200 and copy any music on my network to the N200.   

Build quality on Aurenders is off the chart.  Built like a tank

thanks! lot of praise! Definitely N200, U2 mini or Innuos Pulse, they look perfrct match for the Goldmund.

I own two Aurreder streamers and have auditioned others. I highly recommend them, the N200 or N20. Outstanding sound and build quality, and support on all of their models.

I recommend keeping the DAC and streamer separate.

I fine DHLabs a reliable basic supplier for any type. Very cost effective… either for permanent placement or for temp until you do an exhaustive search for the perfect one.


Also, if you do not have your system near your router, then just get a wall wart wifi extender and put it next to your system. I know of many +$100K system that sound fantastic using this configuration. Simple and elegant, the Aurender will make up for any shortcomings in the network.


There is one brand that always comes to mind: Weiss.

What bout the DSP501? looks nice and people talk superb about their DACs, a nice all Swiss system.