Streamer with variable digital output

In my setup, a Bluesound node feeds a Peachtree Gan1 digital amp/power dac. The Gan1 has no volume control and a digital input only. What other streamers have a variable digital output for compatibility with the Gan1? 

BTW, I ask out of curiosity. The Node to Gan1 is a wonderful option for anyone looking for two small boxes and one interconnect for less than $2000. 



Look into the miniDSP SHD Studio. It has a big volume knob with display and a remote. Most are only controlled via network (only when it's on line) by iOS or Android.

What am I missing here? The Node has a volume control for exactly what is being asked, both on the face of the unit and also in the software on phone or tablet.

Thanks Fuzztone for the helpful response and advice. 


Dean Palmer, I was curious about alternatives to the node.