Streamer with variable digital output

In my setup, a Bluesound node feeds a Peachtree Gan1 digital amp/power dac. The Gan1 has no volume control and a digital input only. What other streamers have a variable digital output for compatibility with the Gan1? 

BTW, I ask out of curiosity. The Node to Gan1 is a wonderful option for anyone looking for two small boxes and one interconnect for less than $2000. 



@dbrewer12345 Someone just posted a Modwright-modded Cambridge CXN V2 on USAudioMart. I have no affiliation with this seller, but this is an incredible streaming/DAC/preamp that can go straight into an amp. With the Modwright mods, it beats other competition in the $5K range. I’ve posted about these in other threads on this forum and they rarely come up for sale on the used market. Dan Wright no longer offers these mods due to parts shortages. 

I’ve never met a streamer that didn’t have variable output. Pick your poison.

Please allow me to reiterate. This is a Gan1 amp/power dac. It has a digital input only.  There are no analog inputs and there is no volume control. I am curious about the existence of streamers with variable digital ouput. Thanks.

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Look into the miniDSP SHD Studio. It has a big volume knob with display and a remote. Most are only controlled via network (only when it's on line) by iOS or Android.

What am I missing here? The Node has a volume control for exactly what is being asked, both on the face of the unit and also in the software on phone or tablet.

Thanks Fuzztone for the helpful response and advice. 


Dean Palmer, I was curious about alternatives to the node. 

If you're using the stock internal power supply, there is an easy upgrade available from PD Creative in Poland for the Node. You open the Node (need a #1 Phillips) and replace a board (unplug two plugs and plug one back in) and feed 5v in from a clean outboard power supply. They supply a medical switching PS; you could use a 5v, 5a linear supply. Costs about $125- delivered.


I think there may be a bit of confusion here. All the streamers with volume pots or software volume,  only controls the analog out volume.  I am not aware of any that that controls the digital out.

My research tells me Allanblissett is correct. The streamers I investigated appear to have fixed level digital outputs. I don’t know if other responders know otherwise or didn’t read my post carefully. It's an unusual circumstance. 

Seeking clarity has made me more confused than ever. 🙂

The Node connects to the GaN1 through the coax digital output. The volume control is in the digital realm. Not sure about other streamers. The GaN1 has no analog inputs and only speakers out.

Maybe the Bluesound is the only one . That's why it is featured  with the GaN1 on the Peachtree site.

I’m curious.  The digital volume control on the Node is likely crap and drops bits when using its analog outs, but if you’re using it strictly in the digital domain going direct into something like the Gan1 does this become a non issue?  If so this seems like it could be a really elegant and effective solution for a budget/compact system. 

I’m quite confused. The BS Node does indeed have a physical volume slider in digital domain that you can tap to adjust. Additionally, you can use the volume buttons on any iOS device (AirPlay mode only) or Android device to control the volume of the selected player when the BluOS Controller App is running in the background.

It sounds to me as if the Peachtree is a DAC/Power amp combo. The weakness of not using a pre mp with a volume control is that you are then at the mercy of the volume regulator of the DAC, which apparently this unit doesn’t provide, or the volume regulator of the source, and as the OP implied in his first post, most sources don’t consider volume regulation to be one of their issues. The Node ,because it wants to be the Swiss Army Knife of Streaming offers one, but as other posters have indicated it probably isn’t going to be great shakes.

I would get a traditional integrated amp with a proper volume control and just use the Peachtree as a DAC

. I briefly tried pairing a Node with a Mytek Manhattan DAC when I had to change a tube inthe preamp and awaited the replacement. The Mytek also offered a digital volume control and both that and the volume control of the Node sounded so bad that I wound up putting an unused AVR inthe system as a preamp until the Tube arrived

As far as I am aware, all Bluesound products can control the volume in the digital domain.     

That is the main reason I upgraded to an Aurender.  I wanted to avoid but truncation,  no volume , nothing to worry about.  

Auralic makes the Aries G1 and G2 streamers that have digital outputs.  On those devices, you would need to control the volume using an app on an iPhone or iPad.  HIFI Rose makes the RS250 streamer, which has a digital output and a volume control knob along with what appears to be a very nice touch screen interface on the device.

Most streamers that you would get have apps that can control the devices as well as user interfaces on the devices.  There are plenty of reviews of these devices on YouTube that will give you a very good idea of what the various user interfaces and features are all about. 


I appreciate the many varied replies here. In the end I conclude that the Bluesound Node is the only streamer guaranteed to work with the Gan1. I'm fine with that as I can't imagine doing much better for $1800 plus one's choice of speakers. 



Don’t forget the Lumin transports such as U1 Mini, U2 Mini, u1 or U2.  They even sell a remote if you don’t want to use the app.

I am still not convinced that any of the streamers mentioned or recommended in this thread, other than the Node, have the VARIABLE DIGITALOUTPUT (not screaming just emphasizing) required by the GAN1. None of the documentation explicitly states that they do. 

Looks like some funny li'l behind the scenes collaboration between peachtree and bluesound (as evidenced on peachtree's webpage) to try and lock out some pristine sounding DAC implementations/analog ouptuts in competitor products. What's even funnier is that the bluesound kinda sounds like crap (to begin with) and the digital volume control slaying bits as the dude rolls his digital volume control will make it even crappier...Go peachtree+Bluesound a.k.a Beauvis+Butthead, a match made in heaven these boys seem to be... 😁 😁

Lumin has variable digital outputs.  I was using a Lumin U2 Mini this way today actually.   And the HiFi Rose RS130 does as well (not tried any of my other Rose models to check if they do).  

I have a GAN1 (modded by For my streaming needs I used a Lumin X1 at one time. That was great but a crazy recommondation.

What I recommend, and what I now use, is a Sonore OpticalRendu + the $500 converter that Small Green Computer sells to take the USB output of my Optical Rendu and then outputs SPDIF to the GAN1.

I use ROON and both the Lumin X1 and Sonore OpticalRendu are ROON READY. Volume is done by ROON for the OpticalRendu. I used the LeedH volume when I had the Lumin X1. Both are great choices.

I recently bought a used opticalREndu for $700.

BTW - after I got the mods ($500) I sold a lot of gear that was no longer needed.

BTW2 - I posted how to do all of this streaming on the GAN1 thread from earlier in the year. The Lumin X1 was a bit trickier, and I had to talk to Lumin of the setting to use.


I am still not convinced that any of the streamers mentioned or recommended in this thread, other than the Node, have the VARIABLE DIGITALOUTPUT (not screaming just emphasizing) required by the GAN1. None of the documentation explicitly states that they do. 

The majority of DACs and streamer/DACs, including the afore-mentioned streamers, utilize digital attenuation for volume control. This allows users to adjust volume and transmit scaled-down signal samples to external DACs through various digital outputs (usb, Toslink, coaxial, etc.) and analog outputs (SE or XLR). Additionally, users can switch to a fixed volume control mode to bypass altering the signal when sending it to an external DAC.

Now, there is on-going debate about the degraded quality of the scaled down signal samples through digital attenuation due to the lowered dynamic range (DR) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at higher levels of attenuation.  To that end, some manufactures, like RME, claim "In reality, current circuitry overturns the theory, and the SNR at the output of such a device (referred to an analog volume attenuator) is no better than a digitally controlled one"  Gustard R26 / A26 also uses digital volume control but supplements a feature that, when turned on, utilizes analog attenuator to mitigate the dynamic performance loss at low listening level.  As a result, digital volume control is not considered a significant drawback, especially in higher-end products.

WiiM Pro and Pro Plus will both attenuate their SPDIF digital volume and are bit perfect digital transports. The only difference between the two is the DAC section which for the OP’s purposes is irrelevant. I have both Bluesound Node and WiiM Pro that I use digital direct to my DSP active speakers and attentuate volume in the app. WiiM and Node are both Roon ready as well. Another alternative. 

Tune into 8:21

Even WiiM Mini that does not have coaxial output could pump digital signal into Gan 1 and control volume from finger tips. I'm using the Wii Mini here to address the OP's fear but, in terms of sound quality, I don't recommend it because it lacks bass and sounds lean.

I am still not convinced that any of the streamers mentioned or recommended in this thread, other than the Node, have the VARIABLE DIGITALOUTPUT (not screaming just emphasizing) required by the GAN1. None of the documentation explicitly states that they do.

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Lumin absolutely does variable volume control on digital outputs and has maybe the most advanced algo available. I have the U2 Mini, it is a streamer only (no DAC) and it has the Leedh volume control. It's excellent. 

Have upgraded to Auralic Aries G1.1 into Peachtree Gan1 RicEvs modded. 
Absolutely Amazing.