Streamer with variable digital output

In my setup, a Bluesound node feeds a Peachtree Gan1 digital amp/power dac. The Gan1 has no volume control and a digital input only. What other streamers have a variable digital output for compatibility with the Gan1? 

BTW, I ask out of curiosity. The Node to Gan1 is a wonderful option for anyone looking for two small boxes and one interconnect for less than $2000. 



Auralic makes the Aries G1 and G2 streamers that have digital outputs.  On those devices, you would need to control the volume using an app on an iPhone or iPad.  HIFI Rose makes the RS250 streamer, which has a digital output and a volume control knob along with what appears to be a very nice touch screen interface on the device.

Most streamers that you would get have apps that can control the devices as well as user interfaces on the devices.  There are plenty of reviews of these devices on YouTube that will give you a very good idea of what the various user interfaces and features are all about. 


I appreciate the many varied replies here. In the end I conclude that the Bluesound Node is the only streamer guaranteed to work with the Gan1. I'm fine with that as I can't imagine doing much better for $1800 plus one's choice of speakers. 



Don’t forget the Lumin transports such as U1 Mini, U2 Mini, u1 or U2.  They even sell a remote if you don’t want to use the app.

I am still not convinced that any of the streamers mentioned or recommended in this thread, other than the Node, have the VARIABLE DIGITALOUTPUT (not screaming just emphasizing) required by the GAN1. None of the documentation explicitly states that they do. 

Looks like some funny li'l behind the scenes collaboration between peachtree and bluesound (as evidenced on peachtree's webpage) to try and lock out some pristine sounding DAC implementations/analog ouptuts in competitor products. What's even funnier is that the bluesound kinda sounds like crap (to begin with) and the digital volume control slaying bits as the dude rolls his digital volume control will make it even crappier...Go peachtree+Bluesound a.k.a Beauvis+Butthead, a match made in heaven these boys seem to be... 😁 😁