Streaming music

Hi guys,

I'm a vinyl guy. My question is, I’d like to stream music (as would my wife) and somehow run it threw my gear. It’s all tube. I don’t really care about the price as long as it’s very good quality. I hate raunchy sounding music!! Lol I know NOTHING about digital!! What’s out there that I can hookup to my pre and we can listen to streaming music? Are these the DAC’s I see from PS Audio? Your help would be greatly  appreciated! Greg 
Oh, I do have a CD player but have never used it.. I think my wife does once in a while?!? 
The Bluesound Node 2, or the new Node 2i, are a great choice for a first foray into digital streaming. It’s $500 and works like a charm. You can improve on the already good sound by adding an external DAC if you find the sound quality is lacking. Do you have any dealers nearby that can demo the Bluesound Node 2(i) or other streaming devices for you? It might be enlightening for you and your wife.
I, too, want to do music streaming.
Does anyone know how good/bad the Bryston DBP-2 is?
There are lots of network streaming choices out there and they all tend to work fairly well but the main considerations should be the quality of build and the software stack. In fact my suggestion would be for you to review the software stacks first, because you may find one application's UI better than another.

Many of the well known consumer brands like Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, etc. also have network streaming products. NAD and miniDSP also use the BluOS that is found in the Bluesound products. Bryston's BDP-3 is fairly well liked. Aurender and LUMIN are two of the big high-end names. Auralic is very popular. The least expensive option is probably a Google Chromecast Audio. And there are many more options.