Streaming Music Through DVD Player???

Hi folks.Is there a way to stream Internet Radio from my laptop through an Internet Ready DVD Player via USB?Thanks for your help...
I don't think so, but I am not sure if I understand your goal. If you are playing internet radio on your laptop now, you can just connect it to your preamp/receiver using the laptop's line out jack/headphone jack with a a mini jack-to-dual rca cable. The sound quality is not good IMO, but may be just fine for background streaming in a room. You can start to bump up the sq with dedicated sound cards, etc. but pretty soon you run into limitations of the laptop.
I think the best sq is going to be from your DVD player, if it is i-ready it can connect to the internet directly over your home/wireless network, using its Setup. Once connected, mine has a menu with an option for Pandora, etc. I bet yours works mostly the same way.