Stringing Audio Alchemy Boxes Together

I have a DTI Pro32 with an original DTI on the way. I have heard of stringing DTI boxes together. Who has experience with this?
I had a Theta TLC and a "Pro" then a "Pro 32" and "Pro" then two "Pro 32's" and finally a Digital Lens at the end of the DTI chain. An improvement every time.

Use I2S to connect DTI equipment. The original will degrade your sound, so place it first in-line. Better yet get another '32. a word of caution:The chip in the '32 is no longer available. If/when it goes south, the unit will be a doorstop.

You had 5 DTI units and then a Digital Lens DAC at the end of the chain! That is amazing but kind of crazy too IMO in a good way. There really was a sound improvement overall with that many DTI's in the chain? I'm really amazed. I thought you would just be adding another link to the signal chain and degrading the signal. Would it be worth it to just do a DTI V2.0 to another DTI V2.0 then to a Musiland MD-10 DAC? Does this kind of chain only work well if you one jitter box is better than the one before it? In the example above a DTI Pro was before DTI Pro32s. If I can score another AA DTI Box on the cheap I'll give stringing DTI boxes a try. What if you mix and match the jitter boxes from different brands? Take a Monarchy Audio DIP and put it after or before the AA DTI V2.0?

I had no more than three at a time(basic units then upgraded or new ones). I would put the best item last. In my case it was the Digital Lens which was connected by BNC and the '32s by I2S.

I would go all Pro/Pro 32 instead of using a lesser product as the 2.0(still better than the 1.0). My chain was supplemented with several Audient Technologies Audit and Tactic doodads.