sub connection via high level output -> sound quality

So I´m thinking of adding a subwoofer to my audio setup. The problem is – and I´m not sure if it really is a problem – that my amp (Willsenton R-800i) is not designed for this. It has only three RCA and one XLR inputs and one set of speaker outputs.

Now I found this (here) which promises to solve that problem:

Double wire, ok. I think I also saw Steve Guttenberg showing this in a sub review.

While this is obviously possible, I´m wondering if this does in any way effect the sound quality. Being a complete amateur I´m thinking that somehow there´s less power going to the main speaker if the subs are wired like this.

The amp has 4, 8 and 16 ohms output. Currently I´m using the 4 ohms output plug. Would it make a difference if I plugged the sub into one of the others?

Currently I´m considering a SVS PB-1000 Pro, which has speaker level input. I´m open for other suggestions and solutions.


barely any power or current goes to a powered sub with this connection...many prefer using the speaker outputs for powered subs even if their preamp has sub output connectors...

I believe the preferred wiring is to put the powered sub in series with the speaker.  pretty sure this is what REL users do.  Your wiring diagram is in parallel.



Subwoofers with the level of adjustability afforded by SVS benefit from the direct output of the preamplifier. The inclusion of speaker level connections are a convenience feature for your exact need. 

In your case your preamplifiers signal will pass through another input / output stage of the  internal amplifier. Any low frequency limitations by the amplifier also limit the signal to the subwoofer. 

Not to fret. Once the subwoofer is setup you should instantly notice the benefit of the subwoofer regardless of any minor limitation. 

I would ask about your choice of the PB ported sub over the SB sealed?

@carlsbad If the sub offers this you can put it in series, yes. Maybe it´s me but I couldn´t find any REL that offers serial wiring.

@m-db I´m tending to go for the PB since it reaches even lower frequencies than the SB. Recently I´ve been listening to some contemporary organ music (Sarah Davachi, Claire M. Singer) and other music that can benefit from going under 20Hz. But it´s also a cost issue, maybe I´ll have to go for the SB.

Looks like the same scheme that the Vandersteen 2W uses.

Maybe a used one of those would work, and it comes with a crossover box to roll off (high pass) between the preamp and amp… so it only works with an integrated if there is a tape loop back or similar.