Sub recommendation for Totem Arro

Can folks recommend a subwoofer to be mated with a pair of Totem Arros? Room is 17x17ft. Will be used primarily for music (mostly jazz, classical, vocal, acoustic), but also for movies. Frequency range of the Arros is rated at 40HZ-20KHZ +-3dB.

I am not looking to shake the rafters. Rather, a sub that will effectively and cleanly extend the range of the Arros. A few options I am currently considering include:

(1) Totem Storm. The was recommended by Totem instead of the DreamCatcher sub that is usually included in their DreamCatcher HT speaker package.

(2) Totem Thunder. Recommended by a local AV dealer as being better for my system than the Storm. He suggested that, given the frequence range of the Arros, the sub needs to be able to reach towards 108HZ.

(3) A used B&W ASW675 that will go for around $500.00

(4) Other commonly suggested subs including Velodyne, AVS and SVS.

Thanks very much in advance for your suggestions.
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i owned the arro speakers and love the thunder but the storm will work very well, especially for jazz
i owned both and the storm is fine, yes , i used a pair of arro speakers, tube cd player and a tube int.amp with sub and loved the system, in fact , it may have been one of my favorite systems, and i have owned lots of them and more money too than that know to use good cables ,etc. and it makes so much difference....i know you probably know that....
Mind explaining why you feel The Storm is a good choice?<<

That's easy.

He sells them.
the room i used the storm in is 12X20 . I listened to jazz, mostly instr. some vocal, especially female. Basically , i believe most people who listen to jazz, listen to it at the levels they believe if they were listening live in a venue,club,etc. most of the time it may be less, with the load that the storm carries you can cross it over a different frequencies, say 80, 120,etc. I personally believe that your ears are as good as a piece of gear or tech to tell you where the crossover should take your favorite piece , especially bass and play it and make the choices...i used 80 as a crossover...since the arros do go down below that. let me say that the thunder will work very well, it is according to your volume level and money. i am elderly and been around tube.solid state and my hearing has been lost somewhat , but i believe my theory is sound , big volume, then bigger sub, but jazz not rock...dwhitt
you are wrong, i am retired , 91 years of age, but have probably listened to more equipment than you have even thought about, in saying...that good listening and totem are excellent , also, aerial, vandersteen, wilson, focal, era, and on and on,,,don't be offended audiofeil, you don't know it all ....dwhitt
i have a lightning/totem sub. this is the model previous to storm. used it with the arros, great match. i have it in mahagony if you are thinking of buying one, email me and i can let you know about it's looks and performance.
Had a diccussion with Vince, the owner of Totem last night. I posed my sub/Arro question to him and his recommendation was to go w/ Storm over Thunder. He explained that the Storm is a faster sub relative to Thunder, and consequently, a better match for the quick Arros. If wanted more sub volume in the room, he recommended two Storms.

BTW, Vince seemed like an unusually helpful and responsive fellow.