Sub s for Dali Megaline system

I am interested in a subwoofer system (1 or 2) for my two channel room. It consists of the Dali Megaline III speakers driven by McIntosh electronics--C1000C 3 piece preamp and 2 sets of MC501 monoblocks. My listening tastes vary widely and includes classic/orchestral, classic rock/pop/r&b, and specific female vocalists. I am strongly considering a pair of Jl Audio Fathom 212's (the Gothams seem way too big). I'd appreciate any input. Ray.
212 would be a good choice or a pair of 113's depending on xover points etc --agree with above post re: Albert Porter
If the room can handle it,the JL Audio products seem quite good,but so do the better REL subs.I had great success with the Stentor series.Room size is very important,as is having the ability to place them to best advantage(two is better than one).

The Megalines can really deliver the leather(a boxing term)so I assume your room is quite large.

The Wilson Benesch subs are supposedly in a league of their own.

I'd carefully look at each design,and see if I can get some kind of tryout.

With the asking prices of today's high end products,an in home audition is NOT asking too much.Find a good dealer!

Best of luck
Just added a pair of JL 113's to a pair of Wilson Alexandrias in a 22 x 17 x 11 room. They output plenty of bass for that size room. They are fairly small as well so it is easy to place 2 of them. I had a single REL studio III before that. It was good but harder to set up correctly in my circumstance, partially because of the size. Also it is 3 times as expensive. I have a neighbor with Gothams. They are awesome, but his room is huge.
The choice might be more related to your room size. I am assuming you have a really large room with your Dali's. If that is the case you may chose to move a huge amount of air, (think pant legs waving like a flag in a stiff breeze). The JL Audio subs will do that. If you want the fastest, tightest bass possible then the Wilson Benesch Torus would be you best bet. (Please disregard my opinion since I am a dealer for Wilson Benesch).