sub to match martin logans

Any advice regarding which subwoofer might best match martin logan quest z's, logos center? Have been told that Paradigm Ref 15 is best match for music (my main focus) and home theater. Also have heard that genesis 900 and muse 18 are good matches.
The REl Stadium II has a 180 phase reversal switch. On mine I spent a lot of time trying to dial the sub in & the owners manual said to try reversing the phase if all else fails & that did the trick. I have a friend who is a bass freak & he asked If I could reverse the phase & when I replied in the affirmative he asked me to do so. I didn't tell him I had the phase reversed. After several songs & switching back & forth He stated He liked the original setting. He was surprised when I told him it was reversed. REL just came out with a Stadium III so you might be able to get a deal on a II. You can get adjustable crossovers with a lot of subs but for phase I think your options are in or 180 degrees out.The REL even though it is self powered is connected to your amp & has a gain contol & fine & coarse filters to blend it in with your system.There is also an extra input for surround sound system.I have had B&W & Mirage subs in my system & I sold both because I couldn't get them to sonically mesh with the Logans. I am very happy with the REL whether lisening to music or watching movies. Good Luck !
Thanks for all of your thoughts. Having looked on the web to get more info about each of these subs, I have not been able to find out if the REL models or the muse employ a continuously variable phase control. Which subs have this? Can one get an outboard phase control?
Your idea of a MUSE EIGHTEEN is an excellent one, they make personality cards for the Martin-Logan line. The Muse has been a top choice since it's introduction in the early 90's, a Stereophile Class A recommended component for many years,(dropped only as policy of Stereophile in not having been reviewed for a period of time) and is STILL UNSURPASSED in it's performance. Put most simply--"IT'S EVERY THING A SUB WAS MEANT TO BE." One problem with the Eighteen. With the exception of one I recently saw in the Audiogon Classifieds, you simply don't see owners putting them on the used market very often. Maybe this speaks volumes about the product?
I have the same 3 MLs & have had excellent results with a REL StadiumII.Personally I have reservations about the ability of 12 inch or larger woofers to keep up with the speed of the electrostatic panels. The REL with a 10 inch will keep pace & give you response down to 18HZ.
well, my friend uses imf monitor IIIs Xed @ 40 w/krohn-heit filters w/ his re-quests. carl mentioned the phase contol, if i remeber correctly, muse had skubs with that control,which i always tjpught was the right direction to go. ive seen muse electronics at brooks berdan but never asked about the woofs.
A continuously variable phase control is as important as one for the crossover frequency.
I have a Janis #W1 subwoofer with separate amp and crossover in oak veneer for sale, excellent condition, e-mail
Gee maybe you have the same audio store I do. I was sold a a paradigm 15 servo to go with my SL-3 and Aerius speakers. I have a vandersteen center (for now). I am looking to upgrade to a cinema center. The crossover with the paradigm is great for adjusting the subs output to match music or video. My sub is in a 14 by 26 foot room and seems to have sufficient output