Hello Guys,

I am looking for a sub that would integrate with my BNW 603 S2 Tower speakers having Marantz SR 5015 Avr setup. I came across SVS 3000 micro sub and would appreciate it if it could be suitable for pairing up with this set-up. Thanks, n rgds


The SB1000 Pro will give more depth, slam, and impact than the 3000 Micro. The SB1000 Pro is still pretty small, so unless size is a deal breaker I’d go that route. And even better, you can get 2 SB1000 Pros for only $250 more than one 3000 Micro, which brings you to a whole other performance realm entirely. Another option would be one SB2000 Pro that’ll probe the depths even deeper (I own the SB2000 BTW) and it’s the same price as the 3000 Micro and can be had for $849 at the SVS Outlet page. Again, unless size is a deal breaker go for the SB1000 or SB2000 Pro subs. You’ll get much more enjoyment from your HT system.

The issue is usually the room size more than the speakers you have.  My one bit of advice though is when you get the sub, plug the towers.

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