Subwoofer cables, what kind?

What are you guys using for subwoofer signal cable?
I just got a Velodyne HGS-18 and trying to decide how to hook it up.
Is it true that subwoofer requires 75 ohm signal cable?
Contact: Good knowledge people with good advise and pricing! (IMHO)
I am using Harmonic Technology Precision Link's with XLR's to my HGS-15. But when I went to a balanced link between my amp and pre ( I only have one set of XLR output ) I had HT change one end to RCA. It works great. Dale
I used the WireWorld Oasis III + for my REL Strata III and they were fantastic. I tested them against Kimber PBJs, and there was much more depth and the sound was tighter and more refined. The WW cable is a sub cable only, so it is designed only for low frequency sounds.