Subwoofer Connection

I have a separates(cd-preamp-power amp) stereo system with bi-wired floor standing speakers. I would appreciate suggestions on powered subwoofer addition WITHOUT disturbing the bi-wired speaker setup.
Do you have a second pair of outputs on your preamp you can use? If not you could use a Y adaptor. If need be you could also share the run from your amp(to speakers)with the powered subwoofer.
REL REL REL. As always, the best sub recommendation is the REL ST series (, hooked up as recommended: High-level Neutrik connection from your amp's binding posts directly to the sub. These are not only the most musical subs out there, they are designed to do exactly what you want.
The most musical sub you can buy. Read the reviews, do searches here and at AA and AR etc. The real deal!
Try a Titan II LE. You'll love it. Be prepared to wait a month or two, they can't seem to keep up with demand. I think some of that might have to do with offering so many finish choices. I've done a lot of subwoofer auditioning in my 20year of audio, this sub just flat out makes music better than anything near it's price.
I heard the new HSU VTF-3 at THE SHOW and it is truly a REL killer and most other subs to boot (just give them the boot). It is only $849.

REL believes that going through two amps is better than just the sub's amp. This can only result in additive distortion and all the imperfect characteristics of both amps (there are excellent amps, but none are without some tiny flaws). Also, they adhere to using maximum room boundary by placing the sub in a corner. This alone inherently creates more problems than it solves.
For $849 I'd probably try for a used REL or ACI. BTW the previous poster is incorrect : REL suggests corner placement is POSSIBLE with their subs due to the very low frequency of their adjustable crossovers. However I have found optimum placement to be nearer to where the Cardas method would suggest the mains should be placed.

I'm not suggesting that the Hsu is bad ... I haven't heard it. However I would look into a used REL or ACI first if music is your priority.

The usual tips I give everyone else applies. Using a sub for a narrow bandwidth is usually a horribly inefficient way to achieve incremental benefits.

  • Plug any ports in your main speakers
  • Add an EQ in line with the subwoofer and configure only with measurements.
  • Consider a high pass filter on your mains around 80 Hz.

As always, speaker specs are worthless once you put a speaker in a room, so measurements are essential before making any adjustments.

Generally speaking however, subs should be what you do last.  Room treatments to reduce mid-treble energy, speaker placement outside of room modes and measurements should be done first.  Look at the AM Acoustics room mode simulator for help with speaker placement.

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