Subwoofer placement

I have a home theater only setup in my living room and I was wonder about the placement of the subwoofer. Currently, it is in a left corner facing the sofa. On the right corner is entrance to the kitchen.

I think the sub is extra boomy where it currently lives. I thought about moving it to the other side where it was still be close to a wall but not in a corner. I've moved it and it sounded okay and lost the boominess but not sure if this is better or not. Should movies get the most bottom for the buck or should I treat them like audio and get a flat response as possible?

Do home theater setups require bass traps? Currently, I do have some auralex stuff around the room to keep from getting overly live sound from the movies, but that is it.
Switch positions, the placement will take some experimenting to get the most out of it.
Remember that a corner placement gives lower distortion.
That's what I would do also as Hevac1 has suggested.
Put the sub where you normally sit and crawl around the room.
I had one of my DDs in the corner and it was way too much bass for me,I now have both mine almost midway opposite of
each other along each opposite wall.Way better,musical,
tighter I have basically a blanket of bottomend that my music rides on,instead of the one note blahs.
just do what they say put it whee you sit and walk aroung to e crners and all in your room where ever the bass is the heaviest thats where it goes bottem line ..even if you have to run long cable runs got to go there
Setting the sub on an Auralex riser might eliminate the boominess, and extend LF range. The risers cost about $50, and represent terrific value. You might also move the sub out of the corner a bit, so the center of the driver is 21" or so from the rear and side wall. I suspect the Auralex and the relocation will fix the problem.