Subwoofer Refresh - New Amp and EQ!

Hi Everyone,

Just came across something I thought you might like. I see a lot of users looking for improved features or sound for old subwoofers.

If you have a driver and case you want to keep, but want better control and sound quality, maybe what you need is a new plate amplifier for it, one that comes with DSP built in?

It could be a high value, fun and very musical project for many here.

Of course, you can also build your own subwoofer, by building your own cabinet, and putting a nice 10" or larger woofer inside. :)


FTR, I am certainly not recommending anyone take apart a $12k subwoofer and do this!! Sell it and buy a new sub with these features instead. :)

But if you have a subwoofer that is old, or don’t want to sell because the shipping cost is more than the sale price, this project is definitely one you should consider. About 10 years ago I had an M&K V-1 subwoofer. If I had this sub today I would totally rip out the guts for this amp. That is the kind of DIY upgrade I am advocating.

Of course, I hear stories of some very expensive subs having very limited electronics lifespans, if your subwoofer is dead and not repairable, this is another solution.

Another possible mod is for anyone using a full range or hybrid speaker they want to convert the bass section to active like top end Vanderteen or Thiels. I could see several Martin Logan models you could do this with and forever get rid of the ESL/cone mismatch.