Sugden A25 OK with KEF104/2?

I'm considering picking up an old Sugden A25 amp but I can't figure out if it will be a good pairing with my KEF 104/2s, which are 4 ohm. Can't find any specs on the amp. The room isn't that big, I like it loud on occasion with the rock, but mostly just chilling with jazz. I don't want to make the purchase if the A25 will just run out of steam trying to drive these speakers.


The KEF 104/2  are rather low sensitivity. They benefit from higher power amps. Especially if you like to crank up the sound at times! The A25:will work fine at low to moderate levels. For loud rock/symphonic stuff no! A 100wpc at a minimum for that.

I know they're not Klipsch, but you think 92db is low? I've always considered anything over 90 in the high territory. I've found the KEFs very easy to drive. Regardless, I think you're right about it being just OK. I'm more worried about the speakers at 4 ohms asking too much of the amp, which is class A and gets hot as it is. I do have some vintage OLAs at 8 ohms that might be more appropriate to pair - if I do pick up the amp. Thanks for the input.