Sugden, Accuphase or Luxman Class A Integrated?

I live remotely - nearest Audio is 4 hours drive away.
The Sugden guy is driving past this month so I can home audition the A21SE and the Masterclass Integrated.
I like Class A - great SET is only slightly better to my ears, and I listen to 90% acoustic music, mostly female vocals.
I will be upgrading my speakers too but that is another question for another time.
How do the Sugden integrateds stand up against similar Class A 30 watt integrateds from Accuphase (E-550) and Luxman (L-590A II).
I'd appreciate any views on these items - individually or comparatively.


I can't comment on Sugden other then my LA-4 Pre, but Canor Virtus i2 is a fantastic amplifier. 40 watts class A and just beautiful sounding for that kind of music.

Not as much info as you would probably like but...... I listened to the Sugden at my local dealer recently; it was hooked up to a pair of Audio Physic Sparks, and an Ayre CD player. I thought the the system sounded REALLY good. It was his "budget" set-up in his small room (probably about 10x12)..... I'm not sure what music you listen to, but this would definitely work for my tastes....

in this order...accuphase, luxman, sugden......going class A in this catagory however will mean ignoring some of the finest, reasonably priced, and best performing integrateds out there, including luxman and accuphase.....a mac6900 is another one 'of many'.