Suggest Used Projector HD compat for approx 4K?

Does anyone have any suggestions for used front projectors (hd compatible) for about 4K. I am leaning towards a vidikron vpf 40 because I have heard crt is the way to go. Words of Wisdom? It has to be used so I can save some $$
barco 808, 1208, sony 1270, 1272, 1252, all these will scan plenty high for hdtv. i have a 1270 i will make you a deal on. you will have money left over to buy a line doubler, dvd player etc.and someone to set it is here on audiogon.
The sony vplvw10ht is a great choice. I have one. Great reviews everywhere. I think there are 2 for sale on this site for around does hdtv great!
New Sanyo VPL-60HT. Smaller, brighter than CRT's, better contrast, fully HD ready, 16:9 native, quiet. Sold a bunch at $4500 and using one in my own theater at home. CRT's are great but LCD's and DLP's are taking over the world for a great number of reasons...not the least being you don't have to replace the guns (bulbs yes, but that is a plug in thing, not major surgery). Also, you have more flexible mounting options (most have zooms) and they tend to be much quieter (the Sanyo is about 40db). In theory, CRT's are better under ideal conditions, but they are maintainence hungry beasts in my experience. Check out for a review on the Sanyo.

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i went to the CES and saw the Dream Vision projectors and was very impressed. How does these compare with Barcos or Sony . HTSteve
i went to the CES and saw the Dream Vision projectors and was very impressed. How does these compare with Barcos or Sony . HTSteve
i also saw dreamvison last year at ces . they looked pretty good. i still say a good crt is the only way to go. i have a sony 1252 with a dvdo line doubler it looks awsome.i tried even 80k dlps bright yes . beat my crts no.
Sony VPH-G70 CRT Projector
Keep Checking for this model you should be able to pick one up for around 4K used .
This is probably the best CRT Projector made for Home Theatre period , for many reasons .
But if you do go to purchase one be carful because they are fairly hard on tubes when used comercially .
This is a comment sent to me by the largest Projector store in the UK .
"G70's do make a lot of money, I have 2 in stock but both are expensive because we generally have to fit 2 or 3 new tubes.They are very heavy on tubes when used commercially because they are really to bright for there own good. I have one we put 3 tubes in at 1927 hours and one we put 2 tubes in at 3800 hours,that gives you some idea of potential problems with a used G70 that has not been privately owned and used."
But you should be able to pick up one retubed for around your price.
Don't forget the original "Dreamvision" doesn't do HD. The model that does HD is BIG-BUCKS.
Barco vcision is the ONLY way to go for home theater but Barco wont sell them to the public????????????
You have to have your "interior decorator" contact them so they can pump the price up to $50K+ to get one installed, like celebs do...

the industry wnats YOU to buy big-screen TVs instead-too bad, what a arip off. I have an old Barco off a jet airplane. with 14 foot diag screen makes my home theater better than any on the open market!!
mnoreng, Steve, anyone:
Can you ofer wisdom to me? I have a Barco Data 800 CRT projector, a Vidikron ET-100DS line doubler, and a non-progressive Sony DVP-S500D DVD player. Would I get a better resolution, scan rate, and picture using, or by-passing the line doubler? I could use it (s-video in from the DVD player, then RGB out @ 31.5 kHZ out to the CRT), or use the adapter and go from the DVD player's component-video output to the CRT's RGB input. So far no one in any forum can offer what is best on this hook-up. TIA,
If you desire convenience, go digital. If you desire picture quality and have a light controlled room, go crt. There are several brands of great 8" crt projectors that can be purchased within your budget. NEC 135LC, Sony G70, Electrohome 8500, Barco 808 are regarded as the best. You will also need to budget for a screen and a processor, scaler, or HTPC. I would also suggest you budget for a professional set up. Crt projectors require little maintenance once they have been properly set up and calibrated. I have a 245 lb 9" crt hanging from my ceiling and love it. You really notice how crappy digital is after you get used to watching a great crt projector. Go to for more projector info than you will ever want.