Suggestion for Audio Stores in Worcester & Boston

Hi Audiogoner,
I will be in Worcester and Boston of Massachusetts for a business trip and would like to visit a high end audiophile store.

Also, a large CD store.

Thanks to all,
I have not been to this particular store (I don't live in Massachusetts), but I would love to give it a try. They seem to carry a large number of well known and respected high end brands. Their website is here:

Goodwin's High End

P.S. I love the fact that they publish suggested retail prices on their website!
This should help.
Please go to web address and look for dealers by state. You can also list by brand name and find a list of dealers that have that brand. Stereo/411 does not always list everything dealer but, at least, it gives you a good start on your research. cheers.....
Natural Sound in Framingham is also good, although Goodwin's is the best. Natural Sound has a terrible physical store, but the people are nice and they have some good brands. Levinson, Revel, Magnepan, Bryston, Rega.