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Thanks guys - Well i hit reset on foobar and it seemed to stop the skipping. No idea what i did or what it reset. Steve I am liking the idea of a computer dedicated to being a music server......although I would also want it connected to the intern... 
Assistance for PC challenged
OY - Bill Gates should be shot. Perhaps I'll call my niece. she is good at this crap 
Assistance for PC challenged
Yes I've looked. All that shows up is soundMAX HD Audio 
My favorite Steely Dan song has to be...
Show business kids making movies of themselves you know they don't give a f*ck about anyobody else 
Electrical issue
I sypathize. I am having very similar issues. So far, the only thing that has helped is plugging my amp into the richard gray 4000pro and having that run into the pole pig. I am going to see if it helps with the second amp and external crossover. ... 
GMA Callisto
I use a levinson 331 with a bat vk5i pre. There was a thread a while back which Roy responded to in which he recommended some amps - edge for SS if i recall and manley for tubes. Check the older threads and see if its still there. If not, email gm... 
Music for Riding a Storm Out?
Peter Gabriels "here comes the flood" 
Green Mountain Audio Calypso
Ketchup - I would be my bottom dollar that it is one of the best speakers any of us would likely have the priviledge or hearing. Scott 
Best of Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan
Try Etta's latest - "Blues to the Bone" At 67 (I think she was born in '38) she can sing the blues like nobody's business. All of her work is superior - try her first LP "At last", live from 1963 "Rocks the House", "Tell Mama" from 1968 with an am... 
Thiel VS Green Mt
I always thought a thiel vs. GMA vs. Vandersteen would be interesting. Similar concept re the phase and time alignment, differing exectuions. 
High End Audio in Cancun
Good luck. I live in St. Croix and if this is any indication there is absolutely nothing down here. Closest I can find is Nova Electronics in Puerto Rico. 
So my wife says to me this morning
Be glad you have a wife who cares enough to notice how it sounds. 
Dynaudio or Green Mountain Europa's
I believe that GMA sells the Europas direct and will probably let you demo a pair with a 30 day trial period. So, I'd suggest trying them out. What have you got to lose - postage money at most! 
speaker with high WAF
How about getting a wife with high SAF? 
Connoisseur tonearm ?
Could be the 747. Sumiko is the company that used to make Grace tonearms. They have an importer on the web. Google Sumiko and see if you get some info.